About me

Sakutaro Crow 6The Greeks insisted that anyone who didn’t care about politics was an ideotes, an idiot. FDR and Hitler came to power at the same time. Both ruled for 12 years. They differed in their politics.

I care deeply about America. My understanding of its political life is shaped by growing up in Brooklyn, spending three years as a country doc in the bayou country of Louisiana and a lifetime  practicing psychoanalysis and psychiatry.


Image of ‘nihilistic crow’ from Howling with Sakutaro – Cries of a Cosmic Waif.

A Japanese literary icon, Hagiwara Sakutaro (1886-1942) set out to unravel the workings of his ‘perverse, puzzling self’ through free verse.¬† His poetic quest mirrored Freud’s passion to unravel the mysteries of human emotions.¬† In this book, I invite him to lie down on the couch and tell his story, captured in 36 sessions that vivify timeless elements of psychoanalytic conversations.