Kathleen Sebelius

Dear Kathleen,

I watched the moral maniacs, like a pack of screaming banshees, go for your jugular during the congressional hearings. You handled life in the jungle bravely and brilliantly.

I kept thinking of the observation by Jesus that if someone came back from the dead, thereby refuting an ideology, it would make no difference. If the mind does not see what is obvious, there is nothing to be done. Nonetheless, I want to share with you what is obvious.

Capt. Ahab recognized that the adversarial relationship between him and Moby Dick was “immutably decreed, and I am (simply) Fates’ Lieut.” it is immutably decreed that implementing a major legislative initiative will drive folks up the wall. It is a systemic inevitability, a consequence of complexity. Check the headlines when Social Security became the law of the land in the 30s, or Medicare in the 60s, or prescription drugs less than a decade ago. The hue and the cry on the front page of every newspaper had nothing to do with moral issues. Nor were the rage and anguish linked to adversarial problems. It is simply the nature of the beast. The pack of banshees howling on C-SPAN disregard history and are condemned to repeat it. Besides,they prefer life in the jungle, “cruel and remorseless and sinewed with malice.”

Some 30 states have refused to set up the insurance exchange which is the beating heart of the Affordable Care Act. States that have cooperated, such as Kentucky and Oregon, have had smooth sailing. The 30 Republican governors who refused to cooperate with this new law of the land have obviously increased the load on the federal government, making an already difficult situation almost impossible.

I just spent four weeks in hospital following a total hip replacement. The thought of having no medical insurance is unthinkable. I understand that 60% of bankruptcies are the result of medical bills, and the majority of the newly minted homeless HAD medical insurance. That is, JUNK insurance, forced on a callow public by an unregulated free market.

Hang in there, Kathleen.






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