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Eight weeks ago, I had a total hip replacement and have spent the time since in a rehabilitation facility. Hence no posts on my blog site. The world, nonetheless, continued on its merry way.

What did I learn?

That convalescence sucks up all the energy. Putting it otherwise, to pay attention and to think comes at a very high price. Doctors have advised seven days convalescence for every day spent in the hospital. Dwight Howard, the Houston NBA center, known as Superman no less, to his shock took well over a year to recover from back surgery.

I have various thoughts to post on my blog, but I can’t think them through. The oomph is not there. When I have the energy available beyond body maintenance, I shall return.

One thought: Obama’s handling of Syria and his phone call to the premier of Iran were magnificent instances of leading our country into a new world.

One thought on “Follow the Energy

  1. Steve

    WELCOME BACK FAST FREDDY! Your recovery efforts are heroic! We (the Royal We) missed your pithy comments when the government shut down and toyed with default. So much material for you, but alas….. Glad you’re clawing your way back!


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