The Death Instinct

For our survival, we have to recognize, understand and contain –

Violent Projective Identification.

Putting it another way –

We have to prevent Trump from wrecking the planet.

Elections have consequences, none more so than last November’s. It made Trump the most powerful man in the world!

Freud was taken aback by the destructive forces lurking in man’s inner self. He referred to them metaphorically as demons and linked them with Thanatos, a Greek mythic figure who personified death. For Trump, his demons surface frequently in the guise of tweets. In my judgment, they are a key to understanding how he works the presidency.

Put yourself in the shoes of San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz. A Category Five hurricane had all but destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, which, of course, included San Juan. Nine days after the catastrophic storm, effective Federal response had still not materialized. The mayor went on TV and told Trump and the world, “We are dying.”

Trump responded with a barrage of tweets, deriding the mayor’s alleged weak leadership. In one tweet, he slammed her as a “politically motivated ingrate.” In fact, she had been working night and day, helping victims and trying to get government help for them. She was obviously exhausted, barely hanging on. Trump had spent the two week-ends subsequent to the appalling disaster at his golf resorts.

Patient reader, what is your response to Trump’s response?

Mine is murder! I want to kill the sonofabitch.

THAT is violent projective identification!

The small-town, harmless, dedicated mayor Cruz had stirred up violent feelings in Trump. The slightest criticism always does. Immediately his inner Vulcan, like that ancient god of forge and fire, hammered his murderous rage at the mayor into some twenty tweets, objects he could project as efficiently as the packages of paper towels he tossed to the Puerto Ricans.

Tweets are a major vehicle for projecting Trump’s violent feelings, thereby ridding himself of them. As he is my president, I am keenly responsive to his actions. Trump’s violence towards mayor Cruz got projected into my belly. It became an identifiable part of me.
I experienced murderous feelings because of his murderous behavior.

That’s what is meant by Violent Projective Identification.

Trump’s use of tweets inexhaustibly projecting raging states of mind makes it a certainty his internal world is populated by demons, dreadful carriers of hate. They are the source of his lethality. They are a gang of killers. By virtue of his office, he has planetary powers for projecting these immensely powerful explosive devices, however he pleases.

The National Football League – “You’re fired!”

The White Nationalists – “Blame on both sides”

Some 200 nations sign Paris Climate Accords – Trump withdraws

Iran Treaty on nuclear development – Trump threatens to withdraw

“Rocket Boy” – a callow, volatile leader! – with a hydrogen bomb and an ICBM!

A “moron” can’t become President of the United States.

A “moron” can work violent projective identification with the mastery of a Rock Star. And, in brutal fact, Trump gathered some 62 million votes on November 8th, 2016.

President Trump has no legislative interest, no knowledge how the U.S. Congress works, no curiosity, no sense of objectivity.

What he has are his demons. He projected them violently into Puerto Rico, a tiny island 135 miles long. He projects them violently across the globe, 196 million square miles.

He’s the most powerful man in the world, and he is demonic.

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