Freud, Klein, Bion vs Pro-Lifers

In this space, over the last two months, I have shown through the work of Freud and Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion, that the Pro-Lifers are crazier than The Mad Hatter, or simply sociopathic with their Willful Ignorance. Or best understood as the delusional righteous by Omnipotence Through Faith. Most Pro-Lifers, however, suffer madness for reasons I will detail in a later blog.

These three giants, Freud and Klein and Bion, have shown that Mind is “Made by Humans,” its structure exceedingly complex, vulnerable to the vicissitudes of each individual’s history. That a zygote has human stature and aborting it constitutes murder, is simply the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse riding, riding – spreading the madness of Pro-Lifers across the earth.

The Mind is the active part of the self. It thinks, it wills, it judges. It gets its start with the instinctual energies flowing  through the mother – the vitalizing powers of The Good Breast – paired with the instinctual energies of the father – the structuring powers of The Good Penis.

A new-born doesn’t come with a Mind. It’s a work to be done, in part maturational, in part an obligate journey through the Mind of its mother. Discovering Mind and understanding how it develops began with the work of Freud. Firstly, he recognized the Unpleasure Principle confirmed the presence of Mind. Secondly, he opened the Mind to scientific study by inventing Free Association. Thirdly, he detailed how the Mind is structured out of relationships, driven by polymorphous sexual instincts and needing to secure safe passage through universal stages in mankind’s journey of growth and development, such as the Oedipal. Fourthly, he transformed The Couch into a scientific instrument for the NON-JUDGMENTAL study of Man. I think of these momentous achievements as The First Day of Creation – not of the world but of the world of The Mind.

On the Second Day of Creation, Melanie Klein recognized the crucially important mechanism of projective identification in the development of Mind. Through this means of communication, the Good Breast exercises its containing and detoxifying powers. It’s not smooth sailing, however. “Splitting,” a primitive defense mechanism, results in a Good Breast and a Bad Breast, giving rise to paranoid-schizoid complexity. In addition, on this Second Day of Creation, Melanie transformed Freud’s instinctual framework derived from thermodynamics, which, together with electro-magnetism, was the dominant science of Freud’s19th century, to Object Relations. With this far-reaching shift in its deep structure, a psychoanalytic session becomes a scientific conversation between two persons.

On the Third Day of Creation, Bion’s  brought structure to the vitalizing discoveries of Melanie. Mind gets battered by thoughts which it is unable to think. What to do with Unthinkable Thoughts or thought-things? The task Bion undertook was to make thought-things thinkable, essential to the development of Mind. He began by giving thought-things a name –  beta elements. This nomination process he described as  alpha-function. It transforms beta elements into alpha elements, which are equipped, like words, with hooks or handles. True for a composer’s notational system, or a painter’s brush and pigments.  The hooks and handles of alpha elements allow the Mind to tie them into endless shapes and patterns.

This coupling apparatus Bion called Mind. Linking together alpha elements with ever greater sophistication, Bion constructed a Grid, detailing in complex exegesis how elements get organized up to and including an algebraic calculus. Fundamentally, an algebraic calculus is no different in its function than is a story. Each organizes alpha elements into patterns designed to generate meaning.

Pro-Lifers claim a zygote is a full member of the State.  Certainly, it must have a fully developed Mind. Pray tell, from whence? I will answer that query – FROM THE MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTY!

And the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse keeps riding, riding – spreading madness across the earth.

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