Listen! Behold!

All my blogs since September 2nd have had one purpose: to expose the terrible truth: Pro-Lifers are Mad. And Madness is ALWAYS destructive! From Mike Huckabee to the 26 Republican Governors and 26 Republican legislative bodies to the murderer of Dr. Diller, a physician who offered the incalculable gift of safe abortion, a procedure authorized under the Law of the Land since 1972, Pro-Lifers wreak havoc on the lives of countless women. As do the injunctions against contraception and abortion issued to over one billion faithful by the Catholic hierarchy. And by the Evangelicals. And by Lutherans. And by Protestant sects. And…and…and.

Madness causes demonstrable and needless suffering in The Now. Not in the Hereafter. Not after an imagined Doomsday. The suffering goes on Today. The Whole Day. As we speak. The suffering can end as easily as penicillin can end the suffering of a three year old dying from erysipelas and mastoiditis. What is to be done?

Homo sapiens sapiens must unhorse the Fifth Rider of the Apocalypse – Thinking Disorders!

Thinking-Disordered Pro-Lifers, righteously defying the Law of the Land, relentlessly shutting down abortion clinics, raining curses on any woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy, terrorizing physicians willing to risk doing abortions, the Prophet Samuel, in the full majesty of The Old Testament, counsels you across the centuries, “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen better than the fat of rams.”

Listen to the great Prophet. He tells you,  “LISTEN!” Can you not hear the silence in the institutional warehouses holding 170,000 Romanian infants with zero parenting? Can you not LISTEN to the neurologists showing you with their giant machines a cerebral cortex does not develop in these infants, forever denuding them of any humanity? If they survive at all, at five years of age this cosmic debris weighs in at 20 pounds.

Behold, counsels the great Prophet. BEHOLD Anna in a Mexican prison nursery, one year of age, cared for by her mother since birth, spiraling to her death with the sudden loss of “mama.” Then resurrecting to life, in a moment, when her mother returns. Nearly two years since Anna was a zygote, she is still not a person. All evidence makes plain: a newborn needs full attention and care from its mother or a single mother-surrogate for 22 to 26 months to emerge from a universe controlled by the laws of biology to the footless, measureless halls of the world of man.


I will focus my next blogs, number unknown, on the work of Melanie and Wilfred detailing how each new-born must evolve a mind with which to think and that EVERY MIND JOURNEYS THROUGH ANOTHER MIND. These blogs will not make for easy reading, no matter how felicitous the exposition. After this work, I will draw attention to the vicissitudes of disordered thinking, particularly the madness of The Pro-Lifers and its destructivness to women.




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