The Third Eureka

The Steve Schmidt law states: In every election, 47% vote Republican and 47% vote Democratic. The outcome of an election is determined by the 6% in between.

We have established the fact that The Right is under the hegemony of the Moral Sense, a biologic structure genetically wired into a hominid’s DNA. It is thus under the constraints of natural selection, a product of evolution. One of the most important principles to understand how evolution works is that there are no “Suddenlies.” Neomorphs don’t make it.

The fact that evolution takes its time as it develops a “story,” in statu nascendi, of course, provides a powerful insight in the “history” of The Right and The Left. It reveals a huge chapter of what actually went on in pre-history, hundreds of centuries before the race even knew how to write. The Moral Sense has been around a long time, at least 200,000 years, and is unique to the hominid. Also keep in mind that evolution works in a linear mode. One times one times one times one times one equals five. The human mind works exponentially. Two times two times four times eight times sixteen is 32. So far the score: evolution five, mind 32. However, at the end of the race, it’s a photo finish. The turtle and the hare. The point is that our political life is a product of biologic evolution.

The 47% on The Right and the 47% on The Left is what we would expect, exactly as Schmidt’s Law formulates. Perfect balance. It makes for stability, fundamental to every successful biologic system. What we need to know is under what flag does the 47% on The Left fly, equally matching the 47% on The Right sailing under the flag of the Moral Sense? Here’s the answer, my Third Eureka.

The common senses!

I know that comes across as pretty pedestrian, but the key fact to keep in mind is that it worked! A hunter-gatherer tribe didn’t live by bread alone. But every tribe had to make a living! Without bread, even the most fit warrior is a goner in no more than sixty days. The pantry endlessly bare. A hell of a problem. No farms anywhere in the whole world. No grocery stores, not even a Mom and Pop operation. Who brought home the bacon? Claude Levi-Strass said the bricoleurs. that’s who! Bricoleurs were the Pleistocene Democrats. Everyday handy men. Practical folks. Knew every inch of the land and where and when to find the vegetables. They survived, so they intuitively took their vitamins and minerals. These first Dems cut down their rations if children went hungry, found in the tribe Ubolt-gifted speedsters to run down an exhausted wildebeast. The Democratic bricoleurs trained butchers in the practical science of carving out sirloins with stone hand-axes. High on the list of the  tribal 47 percenters on The Left were firemen, not to put fires out but to keep them going. Starting a fire from scratch was no walk in the park. Of course, there were no parks, just infinite space. The Right had equally vital problems to recognize and solve. Pleistocene Republicans inspired loyalty and pride through imaginative rituals, exhilarating dances and majestic prayers. Without a vision the people perish. A tribe is people, my friend. These first Republicans for unnumbered centuries nurtured the life of the spirit. instilling the importance of sharing and thrift and looking after one’s neighbor. These two embryonic political parties had their differences, of course.  But the glorious fact is that for over 2000 centuries,  our forebears on The Right and on The Left made political life work.

In the middle of our conversation, this very moment, I experienced a fourth Eureka. Let me think it through and the next time we talk, I’ll hear what you think. I just glimpsed why the political set-up of 47% on The Right and 47% on The Left is not working today.

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