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The Man From Jordan

Like a true prophet, he is terrifying. He preaches a message that recognizes both the depth of human suffering and the depravity of human malevolence.

Jordan Peterson bestrides our world like a colossus. He personifies the singular achievement of The West, namely, the emergence of the individual. With astonishing brilliance, he has assimilated all aspects of Western culture. His vast learning is built on a foundation of Darwinian biology and listening for 25,000 hours to individuals one-on-one. These two disparate ontologies inform his understanding of science, history, literature, philosophy, psychology.

The human story is a ceaseless struggle between order and chaos. At the present time, chaos is in the saddle and rides mankind. Our government under Trump is an unimaginable scale-up of The Mafia, with the power to end civilization. Russia is ruled by a Chicago gangster. The Philippines by a murderer, as is Venezuela. Tribalism is on the march, that is, the provenance of identity politics which brought about at least 100 million violent deaths under Mao, Stalin and Hitler.

What is to be done?

The Democrats have to regain political power. Without that, we are mere reeds, shaking in the wind. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize recipient, has documented tirelessly, Lawrence O’Donnell, who served as Chief of Staff to Senator Patrick Moyniyan, has detailed relentlessly, New York Times columnist, Charles Blow, has shouted from the rooftops the utter corruption of the Republican party. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan don’t hear one syllable.

We have to win control of The House and Senate this November! We are the most powerful nation on our threatened planet. It is unthinkable, and yet a fact, that we are in machine gun range of our Mafia government.

The man from Jordan is a great prophet. He is not a leader. President Obama is. Both men are the same age. Both have kept their room clean. Both have paid attention to the demands of living in a body. Jordan weighs the same as he did at age 25. Both have been married some twenty years. Both have successful children. Both are without scandal. Both speak with the tongue of angels. Both are endowed with incomparable brilliance.

We need them to lead us out of the wilderness.

Jordan is Canadian. Whether it’s climate warming or nuclear weapons, the threats are global. Why can’t Jordan and Barack sit down together, no one else at the table, and throughout this year document conversationally the shameless depravity of those in power?

Why can’t they sit down with two women, such as Elizabeth Warren and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, and the four of them open the eyes of the American voters to the immense responsibility they bear to the world?

A well-known hymn states the proposition,

“Once to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide.”

That moment is the next eight months before the November election.

We are blessed with two titans walking among us. We have reason for gratitude.

We have terrifying reasons to recognize our individual responsibility.