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An exegesis of Pro-Life metaphysics

And SUDDENLY there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God….

In a MOMENT, in the Twinkling of an eye, at the last trump… we shall be changed.


The Book of Genesis documents a week of Suddenlies:

And God said, Let there be light. And it was so.

And God said, Let there be Day and Night. And it was so.

And let there be Flora. And Fauna. And it was so.

Six days. Done. Suddenly a spanking new world.

In fact, there are no Suddenlies, as Alexander Marshack pointed out some 40 years ago. An elephant doesn’t suddenly become an elephant. He has to learn how to be an elephant. Brains are designed for learning, not miracles. 75% of our own brain is developed through experience. And that experience begins with Home Schooling.

70 million years ago, the Maiasaura, a dinosaur, made a nest for her eggs. When her chickadees hatched, she fed them and protected them from predators. Jack Horner, a paleoanthropologist, found her and her nestlings, some hatched, some still in their eggs. He named her, “Good-Mother Reptile.” Indeed!

Nature may be red in tooth and claw, and merciless as poachers, but good mothers, down through the ages, have protected each generation. As tireless as the ebb and flow of the tides, the maternal arc is long and bends towards love.

“Not true!” says Pro-Life. When a hominin egg and a hominem sperm conjoin, Suddenly, at that Moment, in the Twinkling of an eye – Behold! a fully enfranchised human being.

How is that possible?  75% of our brain is custom -wired, depending on our unique experiences. The other 25% is the same as an elephant’s, except on a different scale. The 25% runs the biologic machine, breathing and heart beat and temperature. As fellow mammals, we and elephants  have the same  life-supportimg mechanisms in place. 75% of our brain is a blank at birth. What language would we 25 percenters speak? And about what? We wouldn’t have a name!

If the Pro-Life zygote, hereafter named “Suddenly,” is a competent human being from the timeless moment of its birth, why is it still helpless  nine months later?  From the work of Rene Spitz and the Harvard-led study of 180,000 Romanian orphans, the Suddenlies perished in droves, none prospered, not from lack of care but from the lack of a mother or a mother-surrogate.

Pro-Life claims that the Moment a Suddenly comes into this world, God infuses it with a soul.  Soul is from God, a succession not seen in any other species. An elephant has to learn how to be an elephant from elephants; a human can’t learn to be a human from its soul. Perhaps an angel, but every Suddenly is marked for delivery to earth and not heaven. Humans without Home Schooling and its mother-taught curriculum don’t learn to be human, freighted or not freighted with soul.

Before going on, I want to remind us of  the mother-taught curriculum of human Home Schooling.

It is by projective identification a biologic conceptual product – a new-born – gets transformed into a human being. Here’s how it works. A new-born recognizes “mama” within hours of reaching the starting line. He/She is an unassembled puzzle, the unnumbered pieces terrifyingly alive, fragments of anxiety, dread, dying. She/He shoves this mess into the mother, and piece by piece, lullaby by lullaby, feeding, cleaning, holding, petting, whispering, cooing, she puts the pieces together. “There. There.”

A mama projects into her new-born that it is Human. She and she alone is empowered to make a Human, not a cascading series of biochemical reactions, including the “miraculous” but in fact ordinary step of fertilization. There is no qualitative emergence at the conjunction of a sperm and egg, no Suddenlies and Presto! a full-fledged citizen of the state, entitled to lawyers. Scientists who followed the history of motherless children, found, of the survivors, irremedial wreckage.

(to be continued)








Elephants and Home-Schooling

Despite weighing in at 260 pounds at birth and drinking five gallons of its mother’s milk every day, baby elephants are more like us than one might think. For the first five years of its life, an elephant is in direct physical contact with its mother, or no more than a body length from a member of its matriarchal family. It breast-feeds up to five years.

Most animals are born with 90% of their brain fully developed. Elephants arrive on the planet with theirs only 35% adult weight; humans, only 25%. Humans have 75% leeway to do it their way, an elephant, 65%. That 10% difference is huge. But only later, not at the beginning of life!

Carl Safina, a trained ecologist, notes, “Elephants have extraordinarily close care bonds with their young, and breaking them causes intense suffering. Babies orphaned at under two years of age die soon; orphans under ten die young.”

Even with 35% of his brain assembled on arrival, without a mother – poachers kill 30,000 to 40,000 elephants a year, one every fifteen minutes – a new-born elephant does not survive. Without her, he never learns to splash in the deep waters from which life’s energies flow. He never learns the life- sustaining skills taught at a mother’s knee. Nature allots him three score years. Without a mother, he’s not likely to cash in two of those sixty years.

35% is a failing grade, even though credentialed by Evolution and Biology. Then how does this magnificent animal make it out of the starting gate? The Big Two turn over 65% of its brain development to EXPERIENCE. An elephant has to LEARN from other elephants how to be an elephant! Of course, with only 35% of its smarts built-in, Nature sends elephants packing into the world wet behind those big, floppy ears. Do you know that a new-born elephant doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do with its trunk? “Damm, it’s hard to get the hang of this thing!” No matter. Learning from experience re-configures its brain.

And then, tinkering around as they do, leaving everything to chance, Evolution and Biology came up with a model having only 25% of its smarts built-in. With nary a shrug, Nature sent hominims packing into the world, utterly helpless.
And an utterly unanticipated truth became recognized: when life assumes mammalian complexity, the developing brain is too heavy a lift for biology. Its multiplying billions of neurons and trillions of synapses can only be sucessfully wired through EXPERIENCE!

Without two years of Home Schooling experience, the only Institute of Higher Learning accredited for a human and an elephant new-born, its mother serving as chancellor, neither survives.

Of course, that’s the fate of mammalian orphans. You remember – who can forget! – when Jane Goodall told us Flint’s story many years ago. Jane lived with chimpanzees. She was a scientist, her work sponsored by Louis Leakey. When Flint was six years old, still not weaned and still perched the live-long day on the back of his wondrous patient and ancient mother, Flo, she died. As the weeks passed, the life went out of the child. The women-folk, sisters and aunts, tried to minister to his grief, to no avail. Flint joined his mother in death.

75 years ago, Rene Spitz published the history of orphans placed in Foundling Homes in Europe and the United States. By and large, they had dedicated care-givers, adequate diet and medical supervision. By age two, 60% to 100% had died. The survivors were the size of cabybaras. Last year, in the journal Science, a team of neurologists and other disciplines from Harvard and elsewhere published their findings of 180,000 orphans in Romania, collateral damage, as they say, from mad edicts from mad dictators. They witnessed this humanoid debris – pacing like animals in a zoo, making no sounds of chidren at play, if still alive at age five, transmogrified into 20 pound runts. With state of the art instrumentation, the scientists demonstrated universal retardation of brain development in these motherless children.

(to be continued)