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Further Exegesis of Racism

Some found my analysis of racism clarifying, others felt confused. So let’s give it another whack.

Racism is an act of mind by a group. It is fueled by envy and therefore violent. It rips away the complexity of human beings, their multi-dimensional personhood, reducing them to a one-dimensional sliver, such as the color of their skin, or in the case of Obama, his lack of any achievement as President. He holds the TITLE, President, that’s all. Racism reduces him to that one dimension. He is merely a place-holder until a real President fills the office. He will go down in history not as a President with a legacy, but as a president who sat in the Oval Office, signifying nothing. A whole object is reduced to a part-object. A sliver at that!

Obama is a wonderful example. As an object of racism, he is always and exclusively “president.”

“Well, he is President! Now you’re confusing me.”

– Yes, he is, but that’s not the President the American people elected. The racist “president” is all that’s left after splitting has denuded our President to “president.” Anything Obama proposes or supports as the duly elected 44th President of the United States is attacked out of hand, even if it’s a position previously supported by the racists. Nothing should remain of PRESIDENT Obama. As President, Obama is a person of value. Destroy that value by never accrediting the fact he’s President.

What’s left of the original object, in our example, Obama, is not just one-dimensional, but mangled. Obama is a Muslim. He’s from Africa, probably from Kenya. He doesn’t understand the Constitution. He’s not an American. He commits impeachable executive actions. In no way is he a President. Just a president.

Envy is violent. Hatred drives it. It takes no prisoners. It wants only to destroy. Has no interest in looting, making off with the spoils. Just so the envied one gets destroyed.

Since the election, have you noticed the racists pulling out their hair, climbing walls, shaking their fists at the heavens? What the hell is going on! I’ll tell you:

President Obama is acting gloriously presidential. Let’s make that PRESIDENTIAL! On immigration. On the Keystone pipeline. On climate warming.

You racists thought you brought a new sheriff to town Tuesday last. Sure did.

President Obama!

Racism and Obama

Hatred for Obama is becoming the stuff of legend. In the last election, even many Democratic candidates distanced themselves from him, notably Alison Grimes, running for the Senate against Mitch McConnell, whose only intent was, is and will be, to destroy the Obama Presidency. Half a million Kentuckians have health insurance for the first time, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Love it! Mendacious Mitch insisted he would get rid of Obamacare, root and branch, but, lying shamelessly, insisted the good citizens of his State would continue to have coverage, knowing full well Obamacare is what provides the money. Did Alison lower the boom on the serial-lying Senator? She did not. Shockingly, she refused to say whether she had voted for Obama. Surprise! Mitch is the new Majority Leader of the Senate

I will demonstrate, beyond doubt, hatred for Obama is driven by racism, pure and simple. I share this discovery as a public service, since sterile Zama-Zama about Obama is as silly as that inside rhyme. I begin with a definition:

Racism is treating a whole object as a part-object.

Hamlet gets it half right. In a discussion of politics, he tells Horatio,

So, oft it chances in particular men
That for some vicious mole of nature in them,
As, in their birth – wherein they are not guilty,
Since nature cannot choose his origin – that these men,
Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect,
Being nature’s livery, or fortune’s star –
Their virtues else – be they as pure as grace,
As infinite as man may undergo –
Shall in the general censure take corruption
From that particular fault.

Is blackness the vicious mole, the particular fault nature stamped on Obama at his origin, accounting for the general censure? No! Why? Because splitting is fundamental to racism, not a stamp of nature. Splitting is an act of mind, driven by envy, its violence disguised by cloaking itself in moral robes. The split-off part is invariably all that remains visible of the person, even though his virtues else may be as pure as grace and beyond counting. Obama’s decency and communal focus, his unfailing good cheer, his tireless work ethic, family values, legislative achievements, sense of humor, the list goes on and on – none is any longer recognizable in the Obama split off from the actual, multi-dimensional, human being he is.

For a large segment of Americans, “president Obama” is a product of racism, that is, a man violently stripped of all personhood, denuded and one dimensional. He is “president” without portfolio. The Republicans respond to every bill, proposal, initiative that would confirm the existence of a flesh-and-blood man with a personal history and political stature with relentless obstructionism. There is no President Obama. There is only the “president,” a product of racism. Any action on the part of Republicans that would accredit Obama’s existence is not on the table. Been like that for six years.

There is no law of The Medes and The Persians that says racism is only a stamp of nature applied to an entire race.
Racism is defined by splitting. The key concept is that the split-off piece of a person, singly or an entire race, is NOT a person at all. It is a construct in the racist’s head. And with make-believe, well, you can do and say whatever you like. Check out Fox News.

Life on the Plantation

How has the week gone since the elections?

Like life on a plantation after a corsortium of ruthless new owners buys the place. First thing they did was line me up, together with my fellow workers, on what was now a Plantation. “You better get that fact through your thick heads.” Then they told us, loud and clear, who the new bosses are, and it’s not our leader, whom we call President. The present Bill of Sale did not include him. He never owned the land and its fabled contents, actually. We had simply chosen to work with him taking care of the place, one of the finest pieces of property on the planet.

Well, again loud  and clear, they wanted us to get through our thick heads that a new sherrif’s in town. They warned us with the Bill of Sale now and for the next two years in effect, they ran the place, no ands, ifs, or buts. Then they told us they had no intent to husband the resources of the plantation, no more so than they would tolerate any opposition. They put our President on notice, too. He had some wild ideas he was going to implement, but anything major on his part would be like a child playing with matches, asking for trouble. “Don’t even think of going there, Buster!”

Actually, the consortium that now runs the place has four divisions, The House, The Senate, The Court, and The Executive. They have full control of three of them, but after last Tuesday at least three hired hands announced plans to make The Executive a division of the consortium by running for President in 2016. Once control of that division is accomplished, the consortium will run the plantation any way it damn pleases.

Opposition? On a plantation? What, from slaves?

Hell Is The Truth Seen Too Late

One of the Karamazov brothers, I think Ivan, insisted that if God had to create the world which entailed the suffering of a single child, he could not justify his action.

Last August, it became clear to Obama the compromised but acceptable immigration legislation passed by the Senate, Speaker John Boehner would never bring to The House for a vote. Obama then said he would use his executive powers to lift an unspecified number of immigrants  from soul-killing illegal status.

Democrats, especially those running for Senate in Border states, pleaded with Obama to postpone such Presidential action until after the election. It would hurt their chance of winning. At stake: control of the United States Senate. Obama came under enormous pressure. Losing a majority in The Senate was a major disaster in the making. When Obama finally and reluctantly agreed, I was, nonetheless, devastated. He had betrayed our deepest priority as a Party.

There’s a seeming paradox in the community-centered values embraced by the Democratic Party. It’s called The Lost Sheep Principle. If 99 sheep out of 100 are accounted for, then the community must focus its energies on finding the lost one. The individual is the highest priority of The Community, which is committed to looking after the “neighbor,” identified as anyone in its midst in need of help. Key concept: “anyone in its midst.” If you look at the 20 or so groups I identified in my blog on The Election, every community has open enrollment. Republicans made war on every one by withholding financial support.

There’s a profound difference in the deep structure of a community between Democrats and Republicans. Republican communities are exclusionary, Democratic communities are inclusionary. By inclusionary I mean every individual, not 47% only, has equal status. For Republicans, 47% by definition excludes the 53%, the 1% excludes the 99%. Republican communities empower the individual. Democratic communities serve the individual

Clinton’s greatest regret is the effort he did not make to save the individuals during the genocide in Uganda. Obama ordered the bombing of Kadifi’s forces, intent on murdering 70,000 trapped individuals in Libya. The same principle obtained in rescuing the persons trapped on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq, allowing the Yazidis to escape the genocidal forces of ISIS closing in.

Here’s the problem. During the postponement of The President’s executive powers, during those three months, tens of thousands of individuals would be, and were, deported. Gone and lost forever. The Latinos felt betrayed – and were! – and stayed away from the polls. One election analyst said that had they voted, the results may have been reversed, sparing our country the spirit-eroding miasma, the dreadful marsh gas, of McConnell as Majority Leader.

Obama did not pay attention to the individual. For me, the last three months have been hell. I knew that Obama, for the first time, had lost his way.  He had reversed  the relationship between the community and the individual. Sure, I had disagreed with many of his proposals the past six years, and especially his protracted conciliatory overtures to the malignant Republicans. But his decision to withhold executive fiat which would have protected those nameless, 70,000 doomed immigrants, each an individual, was a betrayal of the soul of us Democrats.

Obama will be tested ruthlessly in the next two years, particularly by Boehner threatening impeachment if he takes executive actions that are the only available response to counter the Gang from Hell running the U.S. Congress. Obama broke the Democrat’s unfailing attention to the suffering of the individual. Like Peter, who denied his Lord, I think Obama will come to recognize his betrayal of our Democratic soul.


The Election

According to Steve Schmidt, a political guru, in every election 47 % of the electorate votes Republican, 47% votes Democratic. Winners are determined by the 6% . Almost every winner yesterday fell within the 6%. Every study finds folks vote their Party first, above all other issues. And that’s lifelong.

Republicans are the Party of The Individual.
Democrats are The Party of the Community.

I will document this as specifically as I can. The election is over. This is a political analysis, not a campaign. I would appreciate any corrections. I will start with Republicans. Democrats opposite on every issue.

Every legislative proposal that benefits an identifiable, discrete community is opposed by Republicans. I list the communities in no particular order.

1. Minimum wage earners
2. Equal pay for women.
3. Money for education – students at all levels
4. Pre-schoolers
5. Folks on food stamps
6. Reducing interest on student loans
7.Infrastructure repair – benefits everyone EQUALLY
8. scientists in research
9. consumers – consumer protection agency
10. not abolish death penalty – currently over 3,000 on Death Row
11. immigration reform – against Dreamers, amnesty of any kind, affecting a community of over ten million
13. IRS – actually, every government agency
14. Unions
15. Welfare recipients
16. those with unemployment insurance
17. social security community which, it is falsely claimed by Republicans, is getting benefits not sustainable
18. medicare recipients, not sustainable, should be voucher system
19. community of nations under banner of UN
20. Pro-Choice community, Planned Parenthood community
21. Dodd-Frank regulations – protect us all from banking going wild
22. voter restrictions and burden on community of colored, poor, etc.

there are others, need help to remember

Communities backed by Republicans

1. The Rich – tax breaks, no regulation.
2. Gun Owners – no regulation
3. The Military – ON THE WAY TO WAGING WAR – returning, see 12 above
4. Corporations – now PERSONS, THAT IS, INDIVIDUALS,  no regulation of outsourceing, or banking abroad, lower taxes, support  Trade Agreements
5. Oil and Coal industrialists, support Keystone X Pipeline
6. Super – PACS
7. The One percent – no problem with income disparity, it’s a result of superior work ethic

Democrats: remember Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin making fun of Community Organizer, Obama, back in 2008? Obama belongs to community of blacks, but more damning, he is, above all, a community man. In my judgment, the major factor in low favorable ratings. Wants to take hard-earned monies of successful folks and give it to others not deserving.

On Foreign Policy, Republicans view America as a Unique Country, stands alone, Manifest Destiny, greatest power in the world, so Military must get more and more funding. Obama sees America as simply one nation in global community of nations. When reached out to Muslims, a betrayal, proof Obama not American but a Muslim. Or African. Or something other than that unique individual, an American. Republicans oppose membership in UN. Basically, mind set of Republicans is that of the Neo-Cons.

Deletions, additions, corrections?








You wanna know why men are so hostile to women? Because they’re clueless They lost the Battle of the Sexes way back when, and it leaves them terrified of women and stuck with unthinkable thoughts. Women pack such an emotional wallop! Poor guys! They refuse to accept the facts of life. They can’t see that Nature turns on the precious human race a blank, meaningless stare.

Like that Man’s Man, Stanley Kowalski, the guy who saw through Blanche DuBoir in nothing flat. “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers.” Ha! A whore is what she is. Raped her. Kicked Mitch’s idealism in the ass. W-h-a-a-a-t! Is that Marlon Brando, our iconic Stanley, in that New Orleans courtyard, bawling like a baby and hollering to the heavens, “Stella!?” With that one word, a genius playwright, Tennessee Williams, says it all. Kowalski could as easily be crying out, “Mommy!” Some Man’s Man.

Let’s hear what our genius poet says about the Big Toughie:


“Where find the beds in which our dejected hearts can find repose?Without such beds, we men have endlessly joyless hearts. All the girls have beds. They snuggle together like songbirds in their huge white beds. All the girls sob with joy in those beds.

“We, too, long to melt into tears. But in the hunt for humanity’s spacious beds, our male hearts are destitute and charged forever with grief – hunting those beds where hearts melt utterly into one as though snuggling up to deep snow – hunting those beds of boundlessly beautiful love.

“I would be toasty warm sleeping on that bed. I’d bury my weary body in those huge breasts filled with life’s every bliss.”

Some Big Toughie!  How ’bout the Revenge Gang?

Like that He-Man, Rick Perry, chasing up and down Texas, closing every abortion clinic he can as governor? Or Paul Bryant, another governor, closing every abortion clinic in Mississippi, except one? Ah, yes, then there’s Pretty Boy Scott Brown. Now there’s a piece of work. Remember the night in 2010, having just won Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat, Brown trashed his two beautiful daughters on national television? Are you still laughing at Anthony Weiner’s pathetic little weenie? The list goes on and on. Big Fry and Little Fry. Revenge boys.

Natural selection discovered keeping man a horny chimp best served the evolutionary flow. It didn’t reduce the size of his scrotum to that of a gorilla’s, making sex ho-hum. It kept it chimpy, six or seven million years after the ultimate Homo line diverged. A chimp scrotal factory cranks out 1,000 sperm a minute, night and day, in fair weather and in foul, relentless, pressuring a man to seek orgasm. A woman has no such pressure. In The Battle of the Sexes, it’s armored vehicles attacked by the cavalry.

Each man spent two years with his mother, in an omnipotent/helpless relationship. The foundation of his personality, internally, is with a woman. Nature left him a chimpanzee in his crotch, so the women “out there” have the advantage. Inside and out, he’s sucking hind tit.

“That’s not fair!”
 – Of course it isn’t.”
“That’s two against zero.”
– Make it three to zero. Join Perry and Bryant and Brown and Weiner, and the millions and millions and millions of Pro-Lifers. “Well, I’m sorry. Revenge is the best we men can do.”
– I thought living well was the best revenge. What I’ve found invariably is The Battle of the Sexes doesn’t end up with anyone living well.
“I’ll say it again. It’s not fair.”
– Really.






Abortion and Men’s Hostility to Women

Yesterday, in his speech at Philly, President Obama pointed out that on Climate Warming, Republicans claim they are not scientists, but when it comes to regulating a woman’s reproductive life, they’re suddenly all doctors!

Hatred of woman is an unexamined curse of the race, a madness, as Obama noted, made visible in the relentless attacks on abortion and a woman’s autonomy. What fuels this monster, wreaking violence across the centuries? A great poet, with the insight of genius, will lead us the way to some understanding. Dr. Robert Epp did the translation; judging from its brilliance, a genius in his own right,

Sakutaro – “Keep away from women. Don’t chase after and moon over them. Don’t flatter a woman, hold her hand, praise her features, or curry her favor. Women are sacred idols. But keep away from women, for you cannot comprehend them. Hold in contempt and disdain those who pursue women. Such lowlifes as Byron and Heine, for example, fellows constantly chasing and mooning over them – poets who specialize in seduction. Never lay a hand on a woman. Simply gaze at her essence from afar.”

That’s one state of mind. And before you can say, ‘celibacy,’

Sakutaro: “These dreadfully depressing, these unbearable and agonizing pulsations of sex.”

The pulsations of sex of every Republican governor and congressman, every Catholic priest, every male Pro-Lifer is that of a chimpanzee disguised by a shirt and tie. Human maleness, over millions of years, has remained fixed – an unrelenting need for orgasm and dependent on woman to relieve it.

Sakutaro: “Oh, woman, I’ll use the ink of this pale green grass to dye every inch of your face to quicken your craving. Then we’ll indulge ourselves unobserved in this dense grass. Ah, I hold you ever so tight as you urge me on with your every wile. Thus do we mate like snakes in this deserted field.”

The Battle of the Sexes is an on-going war. Huffing and puffing, men use their physical superiority to gain advantage. They invent gods to wrap a woman in yards and yards of fabric, lest an ankle show, order female circumcision, deny her participation in mysterious rites, flog and even stone her for sexual transgressions. When all else fails, the male-made gods prescribe celibacy.

It’s all too late. Woman has the power, and men refuse to see this obvious fact of life. They demand obedience and submission, but it’s an unfair fight. Biology empowered woman – by abandoning her! It regulates the sexual life of every animal by the female estrous cycle, but threw in the towel with woman. A woman’s sexual life is indifferent to the cycling of the sun. She calls the sexual shots. She can have sex whenever she wants. She can have sex never. Sexual decisions are subject to her authority. Sex – together with energy – is the great shaper of life.

Men delude themselves, insisting they belong in the driver’s seat. They invoke gods and crank out biologic nonsense. They set up harems, keep mistresses, pay harlots. In our country, for 130 years, they denied women suffrage. They pay her only 80% what a man earns. They were happier when she was barefoot and pregnant.

John Adams told Abigail he would not submit to the “Tyranny of the petticoat.” Abigail answered, “Notwithstanding all your laws and maxims, we have it in our power, not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters, and, without violence, throw your natural and legal authority at your feet.”

Without violence, we’ll withhold sex! And how does the unevolved chimp, spiffy in his suit and tie, take this exercise of real power?

Sakutaro: “Dread constantly makes my honed sensibilities tremble like wind-jostled reeds. Woman! Hold me tight with your lovely, dauntless right arm and tenderly, so tenderly, calm my trembling afflicted heart. Just hold me tight, and as you caress my shoulder place your dear right hand over my fragile heart. Ah, put your hand here on my heart, woman, then speak to me with your tender, tear-tinged words:

‘There, there now, don’t be afraid, don’t you fear a thing. Always snuggle close to me, to my robust heart, to these beautiful hands, to these arms, to this chest. To these dauntless breasts.'”


Omnipotent/Helpless Coupling

The Living Bible tells this story.

“At that time, all mankind spoke a single language. As the population grew, the people talked about building a temple-tower reaching to the skies – a proud, eternal monument to themselves.

When God came down to see the tower mankind was making, he said, ‘Look! If they are able to accomplish all this when they have just begun to exploit their linguistic and political unity, just think at what they will be able to accomplish later! Nothing will be unattainable for them! Come, let us go down and give them different languages so they won’t understand each other’s words.’

So, in that way, God scattered them all over the earth, and that ended the building of the city.”

Every one of us spent nearly two years in an omnipotent/helpless relationship, during which we rocketed from new-born infant to toddler. We spend a lifetime recovering. There are endless relapses along the way. Sometimes we’re on top, the Omnipotent One, then at the bottom, the Helpless One. Sometimes we have omnipotent powers Monday, Wednesday, Friday, becoming helpless Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Sundays are for football. You see it all the time in married couples. Or just any couple living in sin. Never mind we’re a long ways from the facts of our first two years. That’s the seductive madness of fantasies. Facts. What facts? I will tell you. Facts are those things impinging on our sensory surfaces.

Resorting to omnipotent/helpless fantasies is as difficult to eradicate as an HIV infection. Our internal confusions surface not only as an abused/scolding wife, or physically violent/hen-pecked husband. They underlie violence towards women, the arrogance of cops, the tyranny of corporate boardrooms, the celibacy of the clergy – “having a baby makes a woman no different from pigs” – child abuse, putting on a uniform, holding public office.

Yeah, yeah, we all know, power corrupts. But I have other fish to fry. It’s the coupling I’m after.

With omnipotence as exuberant and unexamined as what drove the builders at Babel, man has trespassed into the dwelling place of the gods. He has obtained power over life! Puny man can now end pregnancies, knows how to induce fertility. God-like powers. No! No! Not LIKE the omnipotent gods – the actual power of the gods. A woman alone decides the number of lives for which she wants to assume responsibility. No pregnancy is any part of a god’s plan. It is the work of mere human beings. No pregnancy is hallowed by predestination, no pregnancy begins with the blueprint of a human being. The nine months of gestation belong to biology. A human trajectory doesn’t begin until the new-born meets its mother. Humans Beget Humans.

Oops! Here come the Pro-Lifers!

“Let God be God!” rises the chant from uncounted millions of bended knees. “Do not intrude on Him from your little world of man, proud and presumptious one. He is the Lord and Giver of Life. Walk humbly with thy God.” The Pro-Lifers claim abortion, contraception, famly planning presume on the prerogatives of the Almighty. They insist every pregnancy witnesses to the will of the Lord, even if it’s the result of rape, as a Republican candidate for office stated on national television.

Pro-Lifers include the Willfully Ignorant, particularly politicians, whose metier is lying anyhow. No surprise there. Secondly, a larger number of Pro-Lifers, Omniscient through Faith, claims a zygote has full human stature.The United States is on course to kill 55 million babies over the next 40 year. But the largest number of Pro-Lifers, all graduates at age two from the University of Omnipotent/Helpless Coupling, insists there are regions of the gods off-limits to lillipution man.

Their position is that abortion is an affront to heaven. They will rise up, omnipotently empowered, to smite the murderous baby killers. Pro-Lifers, by the millions, will close every abortion clinic, deny insurance coverage for contraceptives, stop funding of Planned Parenthood.

They will repeal Roe vs Wade.