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The Tree of Knowledge

“The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden as its gardener, to tend and care for it. But the Lord God gave the man this warning: You may eat any fruit in the garden except fruit from the Tree of Conscience – for its fruit will open your eyes to make you aware of right and wrong, good and bad. If you eat its fruit, you will be doomed to die.”

And that warning, dear fellow workers, tolled like a giant bell across the last ten thousand years of human history, arresting in its tracks the advancement of science until the 17th century. Between any weekly issue of Science in 2014  and, let’s say, its counterpart in 1814, is a divide so vast it is scarcely measureable. What is the divide between the leading science journal of 1814 and 1614, when Sir Francis Bacon spelled out scientific empiricism?

1614! That’s it. The year Shakespeare left The Old Globe. Okay, maybe he left a year earlier.

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

“Not science, but not bad! What about the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome? The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the 3,000 years of Egyptian civilization? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Or the other six of The Seven Wonders? Can’t leave out The Great Wall of China, the only man-made structure visible to the naked eye, if you happen to be standing on the moon.”

– Not bad and not science! You know what took 10,000 years to crawl out of the woodwork?

The individual.

Science begins with one creative mind. Then, as Thomas Kuhn described, a Work-Group, indispensable, explores unanticipated and uncovenanted consequences of this “new thing under the sun.” When I first read Freud, I was staggered by his originality. Without that creative mind, no psychoanalysis. Subsequently, hundreds of brilliant, intuitive therapists formed Work Groups, practicing Normal Science, that is, developing Freud’s ideas. The same with Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion. A genius at full power rises on a Day of Creation. The Work Group circles that day on the calendar.

The apple Eve gave Adam to eat came from the Tree of Conscience, (in the King James version, The Tree of Kowledge of Good and Evil). Pro-Lifers eat from the Tree of Conscience.

Before writing the next two paragraphs, I picked the finest apple from The Tree of Knowledge I could find and munched it happily. I brought each of you one, just as luscious and shiny. Munch it slowly as together we unhorse the Fifth Rider of The Apocalypse. This is the deep structure of the madness of the Pro-Lifers.

Conscience is a group phenomenon. Its entire concern is not what is true and real, but on the problem of good and evil. It splits the world in two, one bad, the other good. Objectivity goes out the window. The common sense world, the one registering on our five senses, disappears. A manufactured moral system eclipses reality.

Conscience gives rise to moral mania.  This casts a great darkness over the real world, which disappears in a Stygian blackout. Facts vanish, leaving nothing to think about. Moral mania obliterates judgment. It disregards experience. It unleashes a gang of maniacs bound together by the power of moral certitude. John Adams noted, “Power always believes itself right, and that it is doing God’s service, when it is violating all His Laws.” Wilfred described moral mania as a moral system without any morals.

The Fifth Rider of The Apocalypse eats from The Tree of Conscience, not from The Tree of Knowledge. It is he who saddles the other Four. It is he who armors Pro Lifers in righteousness, whipping their thinking disorder into full gallup to spread immeasureable suffering across the land.

Freud, Klein, Bion vs Pro-Lifers

In this space, over the last two months, I have shown through the work of Freud and Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion, that the Pro-Lifers are crazier than The Mad Hatter, or simply sociopathic with their Willful Ignorance. Or best understood as the delusional righteous by Omnipotence Through Faith. Most Pro-Lifers, however, suffer madness for reasons I will detail in a later blog.

These three giants, Freud and Klein and Bion, have shown that Mind is “Made by Humans,” its structure exceedingly complex, vulnerable to the vicissitudes of each individual’s history. That a zygote has human stature and aborting it constitutes murder, is simply the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse riding, riding – spreading the madness of Pro-Lifers across the earth.

The Mind is the active part of the self. It thinks, it wills, it judges. It gets its start with the instinctual energies flowing  through the mother – the vitalizing powers of The Good Breast – paired with the instinctual energies of the father – the structuring powers of The Good Penis.

A new-born doesn’t come with a Mind. It’s a work to be done, in part maturational, in part an obligate journey through the Mind of its mother. Discovering Mind and understanding how it develops began with the work of Freud. Firstly, he recognized the Unpleasure Principle confirmed the presence of Mind. Secondly, he opened the Mind to scientific study by inventing Free Association. Thirdly, he detailed how the Mind is structured out of relationships, driven by polymorphous sexual instincts and needing to secure safe passage through universal stages in mankind’s journey of growth and development, such as the Oedipal. Fourthly, he transformed The Couch into a scientific instrument for the NON-JUDGMENTAL study of Man. I think of these momentous achievements as The First Day of Creation – not of the world but of the world of The Mind.

On the Second Day of Creation, Melanie Klein recognized the crucially important mechanism of projective identification in the development of Mind. Through this means of communication, the Good Breast exercises its containing and detoxifying powers. It’s not smooth sailing, however. “Splitting,” a primitive defense mechanism, results in a Good Breast and a Bad Breast, giving rise to paranoid-schizoid complexity. In addition, on this Second Day of Creation, Melanie transformed Freud’s instinctual framework derived from thermodynamics, which, together with electro-magnetism, was the dominant science of Freud’s19th century, to Object Relations. With this far-reaching shift in its deep structure, a psychoanalytic session becomes a scientific conversation between two persons.

On the Third Day of Creation, Bion’s  brought structure to the vitalizing discoveries of Melanie. Mind gets battered by thoughts which it is unable to think. What to do with Unthinkable Thoughts or thought-things? The task Bion undertook was to make thought-things thinkable, essential to the development of Mind. He began by giving thought-things a name –  beta elements. This nomination process he described as  alpha-function. It transforms beta elements into alpha elements, which are equipped, like words, with hooks or handles. True for a composer’s notational system, or a painter’s brush and pigments.  The hooks and handles of alpha elements allow the Mind to tie them into endless shapes and patterns.

This coupling apparatus Bion called Mind. Linking together alpha elements with ever greater sophistication, Bion constructed a Grid, detailing in complex exegesis how elements get organized up to and including an algebraic calculus. Fundamentally, an algebraic calculus is no different in its function than is a story. Each organizes alpha elements into patterns designed to generate meaning.

Pro-Lifers claim a zygote is a full member of the State.  Certainly, it must have a fully developed Mind. Pray tell, from whence? I will answer that query – FROM THE MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTY!

And the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse keeps riding, riding – spreading madness across the earth.

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The Structuring Aspects of the Penis

I wrote a paper with Andy Patterson on “The Structuring Aspects of the Penis,” published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Melanie had discovered that an infant, if  provided “average expectable” mothering, internalizes The Good Breast as a necessary first stage in the development of Mind. It splits off The Bad Breast,  the inevitable result of the disappointment, rage and violence the infant experiences in a less than perfect world – a conceptual advance of Freud’s Unpleasure Principle. This gives rise to what Melanie called the Paranoid-Schizoid Position, paranoid linked to the persecutory feelings when it has to wait more than one jot for attendance on its needs, and schizoid, splitting off these feelings into the unconscious.

Melanie then discovered that an infant, in its later development, fantasizes The Good Penis in The Good Breast, a primitive notion about the relationship between father and mother. Odd as that sounds, it is not surprising. The infant assumes The Good Breast is the center of the universe, that followed in turn by the centrality of the father’s maleness. The Good Breast provides the vitalizing energies, The Good Penis the structuring. Keep in mind Freud’s dictum: The ego is first and foremost a body ego. Concepts such as vitalizing or structuring will have as referent some aspect of the body.

You may think these are remote, and, truth be told, even bizarre ideas. No wonder the Freudians manned the ramparts.”The crazy Kleinians are coming! The crazy Kleinians are coming!  Wilfred Bion, their Generalissimo, is a zip code away from Beverly Hills!” In fact, these ideas are the bread and butter of a Scientific Conversation. Whenever I began a supervision, the first two questions I asked a supervisee: “Do you end every session within the alloted time?” and, “Is the fee paid in full?” Structuring and vitalizing.

My two simple questions did not make for happy campers. I got pink slips from my new customers like they had gone viral. Well, I’m sorry. Time and money structure human life. The sun is 800,000 miles in diameter, our big clock in the sky. Tick-tock, Tick-tock. Can we, like Joshua, tell it to stand still? Money is the conveyor of energy, a brilliant artifact invented by  Homo sapiens sapiens. And dangerous. And seductive. “Candy, little girl?” Money invites violations of thermodynamics, laws “most strict in their arrest.” So, I’d asked my supervisee, how can you propose a conversation that, like a perpetual motion machine, runs without energy, and can stop the sun for 10 to 20 minutes, and call it scientific?

Wilfred’s Creation Day achievement was to bring structure to the vitalizing discoveries of Melanie. As observed in my supervisees, physicians, psychologists etc., folks who’d been around the block a few times, the  Mind throughout life gets battred by thoughts which it is unable to think. Wilfred named these “Unthinkable Thoughts” or thought-things. He observed, as did Melanie, all infants experience  the terror, “I am dying.” Thought-things are sense experiences, feelings fueled by instinctual energies and registering as extremely powerful. Frau Emmy warned Freud that if her thought-things came to life, it would be cause for terror.

The task Bion undertook was to make thought-things thinkable. He began by giving thought-things a name. He named them beta elements. He observed that naming something gives it a handle. By the act of naming, Adam had given the undifferentiated and clumped masses of animals a name. Those are sheep, those are tigers. Thousands and thousands of nature’s fauna got grouped into herds and flocks and so on. Wilfred called the naming process alpha-function, its activity producing alpha elements, such as creating a biologic nomenclature.

Alpha elements, like words which are used in the naming process, have hooks or handles, coupling devices that allow the mind to tie them together into endless shapes and patterns. The most common product of alpha-function is words, but so are musicians’ notes and painters’ pigments. Any alpha element can be used to make unthinkable thought-things thinkable. Once thinkable, they can be used to tell a story, create a song-cycle, weave a pattern.

This coupling apparatus Bion called Mind.


Wilfred Bion was a wonder. He was, above all else, reflective. Everything he said, sometimes after a pause extending minutes, shimmered with thoughtfulness. He was a man of unfathomable depth. Months after a conversation, I’d stop dead in my tracks, whatever I was doing, hearing for the first time what he had drawn to my attention during some barely remembered talk we had had.

Bion was born in India, in 1897, the family moving to England when he was eight. He served in the British Tank Corp and won two medals for bravery. He attended Oxford and later became a physician. He underwent training analysis with Melanie Klein for six years at the Tavistock Clinic. He served as President of the British Psychoanalytic Institute for three years. In his 60s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for some ten years, returning  to Oxford shortly before his death in 1979, at the age of 81, from acute leukemia.

Early on, when my contact with Wilfred came largely by way of supervisory sessions, I would leave his office in free fall. Charles Sanders Peirce observed if you’re experiencing commotion, vividness and surprise, mind is at work. Yes indeed, Wilfred!  Most supervisors, and I had had scores, tidied up the story,  cluck-clucking over here and fussing over there about technique or alleging I had counter-transference problems, or missionarising for the new Institute of Psychoanalysis they had recently joined, having seen the light. Supervision of one’s clinical work was mandatory. I checked off sessions like a shopping list. The sessions with Wilfred I Initiated on my own.

Wilfred’s mind was a wonder. An Original, the only one I personally experienced in my long life. Original has little or nothing to do with brilliance. Oh, Bion was brilliant enough, but let an original mind work its mysterious creative powers, and brilliant minds come out of the woodwork by the thousands, tens of thousands. The Wright Brothers. Kitty Hawk. 1903. A flight of 212 feet. By 1959, the first commercial jet.

My favorite example of Bion’s creative powers is what he made of group therapy. Every therapist I knew, including me, each of us unquestionably brilliant, ran groups for the oomph of a public forum while working with an individual, particularly her response to The Group. Not Wilfred. He made The Group the patient, the sole focus of the work. And how did he manage that? By doing nothing! He just sat in his chair, oblivious to offers by The Group for The Crown! When I read his Experiences in Groups, I was stunned. His “reversal” was so obvious. The only way to go! Now why hadn’t I….?

When it comes to Holy Wars, no self-respecting Institute of Psychoanalysis is without troops at the ready. Remember the war between Gulliver’s Big Endians who broke their eggs on the big end and those infidel Little Endians who broke their eggs on the little end? Well, when Wilfred blew into town, the Freudians manned the ramparts. Here come the Kleinians! Some said they didn’t know what Bion was talking about; a lot said he was crazy. No one understood his books. At a meeting packed with every analyst owning a Beverly Hills zip code, the Freudians began drumming their feet, driving Bion off the podium. He had given a talk and was taking questions. Wilfred had served as Captain of a Tank Brigade in The Great War, the only survivor out of a company of thirty eight.

He understood Lilliputions.


Melanie Sets the Table for Wilfred

The new-born looks into its mother’s face, and in a matter of hours registers her every facial expression, initiating a rhythymic interaction by which mama and infant affect each other’s internal state. This unique human space Melanie described as the work-shop of The Good Breast. (An infant relates to its mother as a part-object.)

We don’t become human by sucking a magical potion out of our thumb. We become human through interacting with other humans, beginning with the mother. When Melanie first described projective identification in 1946, she established the fact that human beings need to be “taken in,” in ways never realized. We arrive on the planet in bits and pieces, as it were, and we can only get put together within the insides of emotionally indispensable others.

The 170,000 Romanian orphans, without a mother, given zero parenting, never joined the human family. Listen to observers, shuffling through the giant warehouses,

“The childrens’ empty motions, or ‘stereotypies,’ are like the pacing of a tiger or elephant in a zoo.”

Humans push their needs, their griefs, their anxieties, their love into others. This capability is precisely what Melanie recognized as the basis for human growth and development. The capacity to take in another’s suffering and confusions is the chief requirement for The Good Breast to do its civilizing work. It’s anything but easy, requiring the patience of a Job and the unwavering attention of a guard at Buckingham Palace. Wilfred compared the difficult work of the mother to life on a battlefield, quoting a famous general, “You don’t have to be very intelligent to be a general, but you must be able to use such brains as you have while being bombed and shot at.” (Bion served in the British Mobile Forces. Of the 38 members in his tank outfit, 37 were killed, many incinerated alive in their armored vehicles.)

The infant is endlessly overwhelmed by terrifying thoughts. He cannot ‘think” them. What to do with The Terrible!

–  There. There.

Inside the mother’s mind the infant develops his own. Melanie stressed our original home is the mother’s body, and the containing and detoxifying function of The Good Breast the origin of the human mind.

In 1994, Antonio Demasio demonstrated, with neurologically damaged patients, that Rene Descarte’s assertion, “I think, therefore I am,” is profoundly wrong. “That I think,” Descartes maintained, “makes me who I am.”

Wrong! Unless Emotion brings Reason to the Great Dance, Reason’s unreasonable behavior will soon enough bring the Security Guards running. Damasio, a neurologist, learned from the history of Phineas Gage and his own patients, when we suffer damage to emotional centers in the cerebral cortex, we lose the faculty of judgment, changing from law-abiding citizens to sociopaths,

A great poet gets the picture,

Nothing in this world is single,
All things by a law divine,
In one another’s being mingle….

The Fifth Rider of the Apocalypse – riding! riding! – driving man to madness:

10,000 years of Omnipotence thru Faith – turning to silent , invisible gods, not the limitless powers of his own mind;

10,000 years of males exploiting their physical dimorphism, terrified and envious of the woman’s superior emotional powers as experienced in his need of her from the very beginning, subjecting her to a litany of abuse and violence and control. Like closing every Planned Parenthood Clinic.

The Fifth Rider of the Apocalypse – riding! riding! – driving the Pro-Lifers to the madness of Willful Ignorance.










Making Thoughts Thinkable

In my last blog , I wrote,

“The work of a Scientific Conversation, my term for present-day Psychoanalysis, is to take thoughts that are unthinkable and to give them a language. Psychoanalysis does not have exclusive rights to this enterprise.There are many venues, a musician’s notes,  a painter’s pigments.”

So also the metaphors of poetry. Listen to Hagiwara Sakutaro. First he lays out the work poetry intends and then gives a terrifying realization.

“The fact that we are alive means our feelings are animated. Feelings alone are true. Everything else is false: a mere delusion. Only works that feature sentiment are true poetry, the art among arts. We create poetry so that we can deal with feelings. There is no ideology in our art. In our art are only feelings. Sentiment is our all.”

Wilfred remarked more than once that if one engages in Psychoanalysis, also an enterprise created so that one can deal with feelings, there should be two rather frightened people in the room together. He considered courage the single most important element if one undertakes such an enterprise

Intending to reveal the workings of his mind through the language of poetry, Sakutaro experiences, to his horror,

“This convalescent’s breathing becomes an agony; rats’ nests have honey-combed the attic of his cell. Rats making nests. Rats making nests. The gloomy area above my ceiling swarms with ash-hued house rats. They’ve built their nests there. Entangled woven nests, entangled nests. Yes, rip off my ceiling boards and you’ll find rats’ nests here, there – everywhere.”

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf. But rats!

Terrified poet, stay the course!  Many brave men lived before Agamemnon. Listen to the finale of The Appassionata, Beethoven hammering the concert grand. “Rip off the ceiling boards of my mind,” he thunders. “I will not only endure. I will prevail.” The fury of indomitable courage.

Sakutaro stays the course. With matchless poetry, he makes thinkable deeds ripe with damnation.

“I strolled the dry channel of the river that flows by Maebashi feeling unimaginably downcast. Directly in front of me, a skylark nest concealed in the yomogi!  The parent larks called from the sky: piyo, piyo, piyo, piyo. I had the clear sense of being charmed by the love of something tenderly cared for. Four gray skylark eggs glistened cheerlessly in the nest’s dim light. I reached out and picked one up. Life’s warm throb tingled the tip of my thumb. When I held the egg gently to the sunlight and looked through it, I noticed a pale red shape vaguely resembling a clot. Then I sensed something like juice cooling my skin – a raw smelling fluid trickled between my fingers. The egg was broken! Merciless human fingers had crushed the delicate shell.

“I’d broken the egg. I’d slain love and joy, a deed ripe with distress and damnation, an act both dismal and disagreeable. I became absorbed in things I find loathsome. People who detest the smell of others. People who find the genitals repulsive. Those who hate others. I adore yet dread people. I confess. I confess my sin. How compassionately I had picked up the lark’s egg.”

As noted, Psychoanalysis is not the only enterprise taking unthinkable thoughts and making them thinkable.

Beethoven Prepares Us for Wilfred

Vienna. Around three in the afternoon.  Beethoven has finished lunch, huffed and puffed through a couple newspapers and leaves for a long walk. He had worked non-stop since five in the morning. Same routine every day. As he takes in the countryside, he has  thoughts. Musical thoughts. He pulls out a small notebook and jots down his ideas.

Fast forward six months. He takes those musical thoughts in his pocket notebook and transfers them to a second, larger notebook. He doesn’t simply copy them. He enlarges the ideas, deepens them, gives them lots of thought. Six months later he transfers them again, to a third notebook. What a hodge-podge! Deletions. Erasures. Fragments. Big and bulging, stuffed with ordinary stuff, but now recognizable by musicologists: the third notebook contains inchoate thoughts from a well-known Opus. It’s in there. Somewhere. Time passes. Then, one ordinary day,  a masterpiece falls into the lap of the world. Beethoven has transformed that third notebook into the third and final movement of The Appassionata.

What Beethoven demonstrates – not the  genius part! –  is what Wilfred meant by The Apparatus of Mind. We can see him, in broad daylight, as it were, linking his thoughts to a language, the language of music. The Apparatus of Mind consists of an on-going interchange between language and thoughts.


The work of a Scientific Conversation, my term for present-day Psychoanalysis, is to take thoughts that are unthinkable and give them a language, one made up of words and syntax. Psychoanalysis does not have exclusive rights to this enterprise.There are many venues, words the most frequent. So are a musician’s notes and a painter’s pigments. I talked with Giuseppe Verdi just last night. A moment ago we saw Beethoven in action.

The interrelationship between language and mind is well known. Noam Chomsky wrote a book titled Language and Mind. Wilfred, using the findings of Melanie studying small children through Play Therapy as well as his own work, such as with Samuel Beckett, learned the provenance of thought disorders. Beckett published his years-long relationship with Bion, not Wilfred. In his ten years as my mentor, Wilfred made no mention of Beckett. Beckett was extremely disturbed. In bed months on end. His brother had to sleep with him, or night-terrors overwhelmed him. Wilfred saved Waiting for Godot. The world owes him. Ireland outlawed psychoanalysis, so Beckett went to London. Specifically to work with Bion. Told Bion towered head and shoulders above all the rest. He took up residence to work with Bion.

Psychosis is defined as thoughts without a language to think them. Remember Frau Emmy, Freud’s first “talking cure” patient? High society dame from Livonia, wherever the hell that is. She was cruising along, talking to Freud, taking down her case history, Suddenly, without warning, she turned into a witch. Her hands, now shaped like claws, reached towards the good doctor. “Keep still!” she hissed. “Don’t say anything! Don’t touch me.” And just as suddenly, she became a society dame from Livonia. At a later point, Frau Emmy told Freud how terrible it would be if her thoughts came to life. They did. She became a witch to everyone, shunned and alone. Psychosis has no language,

The thoughts of the Pro-Lifers are without a language to think them.

Dies Irae – Day of Wrath

When I risk going mad by the Willful Ignorance of those in power, Republicans, the Catholic hierarchy, Fox News, huckster Mike Huckabee, I ask Giuseppe Verdi to talk to me. I call it going on The Rug, a cheaper version of The Couch. He’s always on call. All you gotta do is go to Google, his Requiem available 24/7.  From the mountain-splitting thunder of the Dies Irae to however long I need him to talk to me that day, he saves me from madness.

Lucky me. I always got Giuseppe and The Rug. I need all the help I can get.

The day of wrath, that day will 
dissolve the world in ashes, 
as David and the Sibyl prophesied.

How great will be the terror, 
when the Judge comes 
who will smash everything completely!

The trumpet, scattering a marvelous sound 
through the tombs of every land, 
will gather all before the throne. 

Death and Nature shall stand amazed, 
when all Creation rises again 
to answer to the Judge.

I Got Rhythm- Ask George Gerschwin

I got rhythym. You got rhythym. But no great ape does! Chimps and gorillas give no evidence of a sense of rhythm. They don’t synchronize with one another and can’t hold a steady beat. William Benzon, a neuro-cognitive scientist and musician, studied the rhythmic structure of human speech communication. He discovered a close synchrony between a speaker and a listener, which he described as “interactional synchrony.” In his book,  Beethoven’s Anvil, he writes, “A listener’s body movements lag about forty-two milliseconds behind the vocal patterns of the speaker, like a car following a continuously rapidly curving road.   Infants exhibit near adult competence at interactional synchrony within twenty minutes of birth. Synchrony creates a space of communicative interaction, a coupling between two brains in which EACH CAN AFFECT THE OTHER’S INTERNAL STATES.”

“Interactional synchrony.” Fancy name for The Big Dance. First couple on the floor: mama and her new-born.

Melanie recognized projecting the emotional complexities of one’s inner world into someone else is a fundamental mechanism of the mind.  She named it, “Projective Identification.” It begins, using the felicitous geometry of Benzon, in a space of communicative interaction where a coupling of the mother’s mind with that of her new-born begins. It is the sole birthing grounds, unmapped and unrecognized for a thousand centuries, of Man. It is where a new-born pushes its unthinkable thoughts into the innards of the mother. If this space of communicative interaction is not accessible, as in the Romanian institutions. Or is suddenly closed, as with Anna and her absent mother, the result is catastrophic.  Interactional synchrony – its dynamics identical with projective identification – provides passage from the closed world of biology to the infinite universe of the Mind. There is no other route. Every human being who ever lived came this way. That goes for Romulus and Remus. Sure, a wolf briefly suckled them, and a woodpecker fed them, but a devoted couple raised them. Not caretakers. Foster parents, Mom and Pop.

I want to pause here and following instructions from the great prophet, Samuel, ask Pro-Lifers to LISTEN! No zygote ever enters the space of communicative interaction. No zygote ever suffers unthinkable thoughts. It has no thoughts. Projective identification through the mother’s mind? The very notion is beyond absurd. Yet no mind ever comes into existence except by journeying through another mind. Everyone who has ever studied The Calculus, for example, journeys through the mind of Newton. It takes the iconic ten thousand hours to master. Where is there mind in the programmed, cascading biologic reactions leading to and creating a zygote? A sperm fertilizes an egg in nothing flat. In that instant, you Pro-Lifers claim, “Behold, a Citizen of the State!” The speed from zygote to a full-grown human being, perhaps a citizen checking out his constitutional rights, makes Usain Bolt, the fastest man who ever ran on the Good Earth, a stick-in-the-mud!

Aware of the urgent need for healing and borrowing an eloquence that rings across nearly five centuries,  Pro-Lifers, I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, whom many of you worship, think it possible that you may be mistaken.



Listen! Behold!

All my blogs since September 2nd have had one purpose: to expose the terrible truth: Pro-Lifers are Mad. And Madness is ALWAYS destructive! From Mike Huckabee to the 26 Republican Governors and 26 Republican legislative bodies to the murderer of Dr. Diller, a physician who offered the incalculable gift of safe abortion, a procedure authorized under the Law of the Land since 1972, Pro-Lifers wreak havoc on the lives of countless women. As do the injunctions against contraception and abortion issued to over one billion faithful by the Catholic hierarchy. And by the Evangelicals. And by Lutherans. And by Protestant sects. And…and…and.

Madness causes demonstrable and needless suffering in The Now. Not in the Hereafter. Not after an imagined Doomsday. The suffering goes on Today. The Whole Day. As we speak. The suffering can end as easily as penicillin can end the suffering of a three year old dying from erysipelas and mastoiditis. What is to be done?

Homo sapiens sapiens must unhorse the Fifth Rider of the Apocalypse – Thinking Disorders!

Thinking-Disordered Pro-Lifers, righteously defying the Law of the Land, relentlessly shutting down abortion clinics, raining curses on any woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy, terrorizing physicians willing to risk doing abortions, the Prophet Samuel, in the full majesty of The Old Testament, counsels you across the centuries, “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen better than the fat of rams.”

Listen to the great Prophet. He tells you,  “LISTEN!” Can you not hear the silence in the institutional warehouses holding 170,000 Romanian infants with zero parenting? Can you not LISTEN to the neurologists showing you with their giant machines a cerebral cortex does not develop in these infants, forever denuding them of any humanity? If they survive at all, at five years of age this cosmic debris weighs in at 20 pounds.

Behold, counsels the great Prophet. BEHOLD Anna in a Mexican prison nursery, one year of age, cared for by her mother since birth, spiraling to her death with the sudden loss of “mama.” Then resurrecting to life, in a moment, when her mother returns. Nearly two years since Anna was a zygote, she is still not a person. All evidence makes plain: a newborn needs full attention and care from its mother or a single mother-surrogate for 22 to 26 months to emerge from a universe controlled by the laws of biology to the footless, measureless halls of the world of man.


I will focus my next blogs, number unknown, on the work of Melanie and Wilfred detailing how each new-born must evolve a mind with which to think and that EVERY MIND JOURNEYS THROUGH ANOTHER MIND. These blogs will not make for easy reading, no matter how felicitous the exposition. After this work, I will draw attention to the vicissitudes of disordered thinking, particularly the madness of The Pro-Lifers and its destructivness to women.