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3 A.M. – Darkness Visible

My golfing partner from the “New’ Institute was depressed.  That made two us. All those years of endless seminars, the tens of thousands spent on one’s Training Analysis, traipsing through the canyons of Beverly Hilla from one supervisor after another, 100 bucks a pop, the mountains of papers read, the 24 volumes of Freud’s Collected Works stacked in the bookcase.  And here we were, sitting in darkness visible. For all the genius of Freud discovering and leading the world to a new creation, The Life of the Mind, after three or four years as Freudian psychoanalysts we had hit an impasse. Why had Romi Greenson called me, inviting free weekly supervisory sessions at his house? He had hit the same impasse! Why me, 30 years his junior?

I had studied under Romi. We got along famously. We both sauntered throgh the world with a swagger. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t Jewish.  Ambition, what John Milton recognized as the “last infirmity of noble mind,” given Romi’s immense gifts, had catapulted him to world fame. And then one day, the world dumped on his doorstep its most famous woman, Marilyn Monroe.

Romi of course knew that Marilyn was suffering from, what Kierkegaard called, a “sickness unto death.” And he knew the limited resources from that First Day of Creation left him without a prayer for taming the demons of self-destruction. What was he to do? Refer her to someone else? Who? Throughout the land, he was recognized as first among equals. So, he took her in – literally – into his home. He would risk this leap into the unknown, unimaginable in  the Freudian paradigm, as possibly providing an instrument of healing.There, with Transference at intensities unmeasured, he would unleash disciplining and nurturing energies. After Marilyn’s death, Romi took me on tours of his home. He would review in agonizing vividness the work done at the various sites.

Romi and I were dedicated, practical, reliable, wonderfully inventive with language, just what the doctored ordered for a “talking cure,”’ courageous, brilliant. All of the above? Sure. Geniuses? No. For 30 plus years, I had wrestled with the obvious incompleteness and 19th century physics limiting Freud’s tremendous achievement. Read everything from theologians, existentialists, poets, physicists, you name it. Couldn’t discover the deep structures.  Now I couldn’t help my esteemed colleague, Romi Greenson. He was suffering terribly.

And then, during these very weeks, so surely sent by the Lord, Hanna Segal blew into town. Over a two week period, she gave lectures in the evenings, offered supervisory sessions during the day. As I mentioned, I signed up for ten. When she spoke for the first time in response to clinical data I had presented, dawn broke on The Second Day of the Creation of Mind.

I thought Hanna was the genius. Wrong. She was John the Baptist shouting from London,  “Get ready for the coming of the Lord.” Melanie Klein, the Creator of the Second Day, was arriving.

I Am Tired

Dear Spitz, I am tired. Good to be back on The Couch, my good ol’ lab bench, but I must confess, I’m pooped. Pro-Lifers don’t ever get tired. The Catholic Church doesn’t. Republicans don’t. Shut down every abortion clinic. Defund every Planned Parenthood. Refuse millions of poor medical insurance,  paid for by the Federal government. Crazies never run out of energy. I’ve asked smart physicists to explain. All they come up with is you can’t build a perpetual motion machine.

I’ve learned a chief tactic of the crazies is to wear down ordinary folks. Learned it in Little League. One example. Spouting the usual bullshit,  “All we care about is the boys,” the smooth-talking, ruthless bastards called a meeting of team coaches and the Board. They were out to change a rule, hidden deep in items on the agenda. For hours they carried on like Boehner’s Republicans – zama-zama-zama. Coaches left. Had to go to work the next morning. By and by, I was the last pin standing. More zama-zama.  At one a.m., Freddy waited while the Prez locked up the recreation hall. When he became Grand Poo-Bah of the Mar Vista Park Little League, the Prez bought a Cadillac. Bald, he now wore a wig.

Of course the incomparable case study for grinding  an opponent to exhaustion is Hitler negotiating with Neville Chamberlain at Munich in 1938. It’s one for the ages. Hitler began talking at noon. He finished at three – THREE AM IN THE MORNING! Chamberlain must have been in a coma.

Let’s push on. Two items. People ask, What did Freud do after he had finished The First Day? He worked, hard as ever, even during the last twelve years of life suffering dreadfully from cancer of the jaw. You, dear Spitz, underwent psychoanalysis with him during that time. Some of his work was good, some not so good. None was at the level of genius. Only genius has the power to summon forth from the vast abyss, hidden in darkness, a Day of Creation.

Second item. The Unpleasure Principle reveals the deep structure underlying the madness of the Pro-Lifers, Horseman of the Apocalypse, a plague thundering across the earth. What does the mind do with the unpleasure of frustration? with the pain of delayed satisfaction, or with satisfaction denied altogether? Some, for reasons unknown, cannot accept these inexorable facts of reality, cannot suck it up. They use the imaginative powers of mind to substitute their own reality. Their allegiance is to these solipsistic creations. And how are these defined?

Solipsistic creations are the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things not seen.

Oh, that’s how Pro-Lifers know a zygote is a full-fledged human being.

That’s how they disregard the fact that zero parenting in a thousand Romanian orphanages resulted in conceptual products resembling nothing so much as capybaras, the world’s largest rodent.

Now I get it. Faith is the grown-up version of fantasy. A little bit of faith, and, sure enough, God holds the whole world in his hands so that everything that happens is all part of a Master Plan. Why, with a little bit of faith, you know the hairs of your head are numbered. If you talk to him without saying a word outloud, he’s right there in your thoughts, at full attention, reading your mind.

Oh, Spitz, one more thing. The God of faith never gets tired.

Evening – The First Day

It is evening, the First Day of Creation of Mind. The work took Freud twenty years, millions of times faster than the First Day of the Creation of the World, as told in the wonderful story of Genesis. He had discovered  the Unpleasure Principle, the beginning of Mind. (I will show later what a momentous consequence results from The Unpleasure Principle today.) He had discovered Free Association, opening the Mind to scientific study. He had discovered the Mind is structured out of relationships, these brought vividly to life through Transference in a one-to-one therapeutic setting.

Before the sun sets, Freud creates an instrument for the study of Man, his fourth observation of genius on that First Day. It is now obscured by its provenance in 19th century thermodynamics. That instrument is the non-judgmental power of the psychoanalyst in the  Sturm und Drang of the Transference. It is a demanding responsibility. Freud said, “No one who, like me, conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human breast, and seeks to wrestle with them, can expect to come through the struggle unscathed.” Frau Emmy was a harbinger.

Whenever it was – 500,000, 200,000, 32,000 years ago – that Man developed the powers of symbolic thought, he anthropomorphized Nature. However, as Levi-Straus observed, he was a successful bricoleur, a Handy-Man who paid sufficient attention to the realities of the physical world to survive as a nomadic hunter-gatherer.

Not until the magnificent, ancient Greeks comes the first glimpse of the “edge of objectivity.” They formulated the Hypothesis of Comprehensibility. Nature is lawful. Its laws can be comprehended. Some two thousand years later, Francis Bacon spelled out how Man must go about revealing these laws through scientific empiricism. Objectivity had come full circle.

Not quite! Every group animal, maybe going back 50 million years, survived thanks to political bricoleurs. Probably every animal came equipped with a license instinctively. “Of course you keep your head down and your mouth shut. Any other option is unthinkable. Never crossed my mind.”  Then, in the last million years, an animal, evolving in the genus, Homo, with a cranial capacity exploding from 450 ccs to 1300 ccs, recognized it was the group, of which he was a member, made survival possible. However, it wasn’t instinctual anymore. Other thoughts did cross his mind.The group countered this deveIopment, a serious threat to its survival, by evolving The Moral Sense. Baboons plundering a garden, Darwin observed, slap a young animal making a noise to teach him silence and obedience. In cousins as distant as baboons, the Moral Sense commands obedience and submission.

Darwin noted, “Any animal endowed with social instincts would inevitably acquire a Moral Sense as soon as its intellectual powers had become nearly as developed as in man.” It became a dominant component in the mind of  Man. It’s permanent. Pascal Boyer reports, “Experimental studies show a specialized Moral Sense in all children the world over.” The Moral Sense is a universal structure by way of evolution through natural selection.

Until that First Day, Man had never been an object for scientific empiricism.  He always came under the judgment of the Moral Sense, an object of Good and Evil. Freud said the psychoanalyst must be neutral, not judging, not exhorting, not rescuing. Regardless of confusions, destructive behavior, interminable blastings against him, moments of sheer terror as the half-tamed demons come to life in the Transference, he must work to understand.

This all happened on the First Day. Freud was pleased.


Afternoon – The First Day

Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!

You millions and millions of Pro-Lifers, repent your Unforgiveable Sin of Willful Ignorance.

Humans Beget Humans!

You haven’t heard the terrifying silence in Mexican prison nurseries, or a hundred Foundling Homes or a thousand Romanian orphanages. Every animal mother brings her new-born into the world. As does mama. However, only then can a mama begin the work of bringing her new-born into the human world. I’ll try another route to rescue her from your Unforgiveable Sin of Willful Ignorance. I’ll tell you about mama.

Some years ago, I organized Associates for Interdisciplinary Studies – AIS. We were a motley crew. An anthropologist  A Shakespearean actor. A physicist. A high school history teacher. A Lutheran minister. A psychologist. A psychoanalyst or two. A social worker. You get the picture. Motley, interdisciplinary, was the point. We put on two-day work-shops, twice a year. And we’d hire nationally recognized workers to join us in thrashing a problem, like a teen’s relationship with her mother. For that workshop, our resident actor staged key sections from Romeo and Juliet. It was terrific. Colin Turnbull was there. The reason Big Shots would spend a week-end with us Nobodies is we paid them a thousand bucks, plus air travel and a feast on the evening before the workshop prepared by my wife. Why she put up with this huge chore is a mystery.

So we bagged Joseph Weizenbaum, a world-famed computer scientist from MIT. He had invented the Eliza Doctor program, designed as a “parody” of “the responses of a nondirectional psychotherapist in an initial psychiatric interview.” To his utter shock, people quickly became emotionally involved with the computer program, taking offense when Weizenbaum asked to view the transcripts, saying it was an invasion of their privacy, even asking him to leave the room while they were working with the DOCTOR!

12 years later, Weizenbaum wrote an influential book, Computer Power and Human Reasoning. He argued that Artificial Intelligence may be possible, but computers will always lack human compassion and judgment. And critically, emotions cannot be reduced mathematically.

I wrote a play, The Frau Emmy Affair, for the Weizenbaum workshop. Wrote myself the Stage Manager’s role, which I stole from Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. Weizenbaum said afterwards the script was OK , but I should not  consider a career on the stage. My Shakespearean actor told me Germans are a grumpy lot. I had done great. Of course, he had directed and starred in the venture. We never took Frau Emmy to Broadway.

Freud worked with Frau Emmy in1888. He used no hypnosis, no suggestion, no hydrotherapy, no electrical gadgets. He talked with her. He understood her clinical case, surprise, surprise, with 19th century thermodynamics. One unsolved problem. Frau Emmy was a well-spoken, aristocratic lady. In the middle of their conversations, she’d suddenly stop, her face turning into that of one seeing horror. It was unrecognizable. Her hands stretched towards Freud, fingers like claws. She screamed, “Keep still! Don’t say anything! Don’t touch me.” And just as suddenly, she resumed talking to her doctor. Who was the person screaming at Freud  ten seconds before?  She tells Freud how terrifying it would be if “they” came to life!

It’s 1995. Seven years later. Freud sits in his garden, leafing through his massive Project for a Scientific Psychology. Martha brings tea and a fine Viennese pastry. She includes a cigar. Freud takes no notice. His wife asks if he’s all right. He says he’s fine. A few minutes later he goes to his office. He throws The Project into a bottom drawer. He returns, once again sittng under the big tree in the center of the garden. He stares into the distance. Again, he doesn’t take notice of the cigar.

It is the First Day of Creation. Freud, by observing an infant’s response to Unpleasure, discovers Mind,  a major player  in the  human interior, the power center of  a world-changing neomorph. Then, that same miraculous day, Freud discovers how to investigate Mind scientifically. Science studies only the Euclidean world. Mind is non-Euclidean. “Simply say what’s on your mind.”

It is getting late in the afternoon. Thinking by the big tree in the center of his garden, Freud discovers Mind is structured out of relationships, beginning with mama. These inexorably come to life with free association. They can be studied in Transference.

Relationships! Relationships!Relationships.

Pro-Lifers, a human being is no more a zygote than a tadpole.

Man and a Mensch for the Ages

Folks have asked what do The Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet represent in my many missives.

I use them metaphorically to indicate the arrival of symbolic language, catapulting Man from the finite world of biology to an infinite universe. The linguist, Humboldt, long ago recognized human speech uses finite resoures – vocabulary and syntax  – for infinite purposes – in the 30 million volumes, give or take, copyrighted by The Library of Congress, no two original sentences – not quotes – are identical.

When the qualitative emergence of human speech occurred is not known. The Flower People at Shanidar Cave buried their dead with floral beauty 120,000 years ago. But they were Neanderthal, and it is generally agreed Neanderthals did not achieve the transforming power of human language. Paleoanthropologists find bits of pottry shard from maybe 90,000 years ago, improved Acheulian axes  and Stone Tools here and there as far back as 500,000 years. But human speech? the promotion of Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens sapiens?

And then, 32,000 years ago, racing onto the planet, The Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet! And with the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry 10,000 years ago, came riding The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

As regards a Mensch for the Ages.

President Obama’s 40 minute address at the UN yesterday was unparalled. Its language exercised the full powers of language. That’s an aesthetic judgement, the responsibility of each listener. However, the truthfulness, the factual basis for what  is asserted, must meet the requirments of scientific empiricism.

My great mentor, Wilfred Bion, observed, “If the mind does not see what is obvious. there is nothing to be done.” That inability of mind is pathognomic of a thought disorder. It is at the center of psychosis. ISIL consists of 20,000 to 30,000 psychotic sociopaths, mindless, terrorist murderers. President Obama, with the authority of science hammering knowledge from a century of tireless work, spoke to the entire world, listening with hushed attention, the truth about the “heart of darkness.”

“No God condones this terror. No grievance justifies these actions. There can be no reasoning, no negotiation, with this brand of evil. The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. So the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.”


Noon – The First Day

Freud sat in the shade of the big tree in the center of the garden, enjoying a cigar. It was a warm, summer day in Vienna. Martha, his wife, had suggested he lunch outdoors. She included the cigar on his tray.

He had worked hard all morning, thinking through free association. He was pleased. He saw that it was good. He had discovered Mind, but recognized immediately it was not accessible through scientific empiricism, the Pole-Star in the Western heavens since 1620 and the work of Francis Bacon.

The Mind is a syncytium, the result of multiple cell fusions from uninucleated cells. Freud learned this from the Greek tragedy of Oedipus Rex. In its deep structure, the story  set in Thebes revealed the same invariants thousands of years later in the tragedy of Hamlet, the story set in Denmark.  Remarkably, he discovered the same invarants in himself!

Only Mind can recognize Mind. Only Mind can create its own structure, a syncytium. Mind is a qualitative emergent, the defining invariant of Man. Only Mind begets another Mind. Sophocles and Shakespeare created great art. They used Mind to mobilize its powers for Meaning. They did not practice science. Freud wanted to reveal the workings of Mind scientifically. He wanted to mobilize its powers for knowledge.

Only Mind, willy-nilly, creates symbolic language. Without it, Mind does not exist. Maybe the Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet, a mere 32,000 years ago, raced onto the planet bringing Language and Mind, together until death do them part, promoting Homo sapiens into Homo sapiens sapiens. Not for 3.8 billion years had a mere animal escaped the closed world of biology into the infinite universe.

The Greeks recognized speaking as the most powerful form of action, a power unleashed only through language. Mind is revealed through language. Before lunch, on the First Day, Freud invented Free Association. “Speak whatever’s on your mind.” He puffed contentedly on his cigar. He saw that it was good.

Pro-Lifers, you uncounted millions, committting your unforgiveable sin of willful ignorance with every abortion clinic you close, with every Planned Parenthood you defund, with every Affordable Care Act provision by the Federal Government for Medicaid medical insurance  – paid for by The Federal Government! –  you Republican Governors in 20 States who deny millions of your poor, the majority women and their children, do you really believe a zygote, a product from an assembly line in biology, creates the Mind?

Have you been coached by Satan, The Father of Lies?

Freud finished his cigar. Back to work, a genius the entire First Day of Creation.

Morning – The First Day

Freud is 39 years old. He has mastered neurology, comparative histology, thermodynamics, you name it. Somewhere in that three pound, 1400 cc brain lies the secret to human behavior. In ten furious days, he writes A Project for a Scientific Psychology. He tosses it in a drawer and never looks at it again.

He’s been looking in the wrong place!

A Neomorph has leaped free of Nature, a Qualitative Emergent, an Ontologic Discontinuity after uncounted eons of Darwinian Evolution. Not Biology. It’s The Mind, Stupid!

“O the Mind, Mind has mountains, Cliffs of fall frightful, No man fathomed.” Mind? The 19th century doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Five years after he writes The Project, in 1900, the beginning of the new century, Freud publishes The Interpretation of Dreams.

At age 44, Freud has set out to fathom the mind.

He begins with The Unpleasure Principle. He observes a human infant when he has to WAIT for his next feeding. What does he do with the Unpleasure? He has to make up his mind. Either fantasize dinner is served, ridding the Unpleasure, or submit to the facts and suck it up. Unpleasure is miserable. Who doesn’t get tired of submitting! Life is tough. “Tell me about it!” If only wishing would make it so. And it gets no easier grown up. Tougher actually. Can’t fantasize anymore. People will think you’re crazy. But I can dream, can’t I? You may think I’m a sissy, but I do suffer. Often terribly.

Pro-Lifers, you willfully ignorant millions, listen up. Satan is the Father of Lies. He’s diabolically clever, you might say. He knows when you were a child, you spoke as a child. As a grown-up, you put away childish things. You don’t believe in the Boogie Man. You don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. That’s all made up. But if you were promised a better world than this vale of tears? Maybe even Immortality? A loving father who would wipe away all your tears? Provide loving arms to rest in from here to eternity? Maybe kick your enemies into Kingdom Come. What then?

If I believed that I’d be put into a strait jacket! Get thee behind me, Satan! I’m just kidding. Actually, you’re an awfully nice fellow.  Sure it would be great. But that’s all east of the sun and west of the moon.

And Satan says, Suppose it’s all real. You just haven’t had the right, let’s say, apparatus – that’s a crazy way to put it! Let’s just say the right eyes to see and the right ears to hear.

I’m listening.

Pro- Lifers, are you listening? Satan is going to tell one of his greatest lies. It’s a whopper, and it works like you can’t believe. He’s been using it for a thousand years. Maybe longer. Here it is:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things not seen.”

It’s only morning on the First Day of Creation. Freud stays busy through noon, afternoon and evening. He rode in like thunder, lashing the hell out of The Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet.






Commercial Break

Some say Charles Sanders Peirce was the smartest American who ever lived. Good friend of William James,  Charles is known as the “father of pragmatism.” An innovator in mathematics, statistics, philosophy, research methodology, and various sciences, he made major contributions to logic. As early as1886 he saw that logical operations could be carried out by electrical switching circuits; the same idea was used decades later to produce digital computers.

I spent a lot of time with Charles Peirce some 30 years ago. Great – even though much of his thinking was too heavy a lift. Charles thought himself simply a laboratory worker. I liked that. Changed my way of thinking.

So when Bob Epp showed me Rats’ Nest ten years ago, his magnificent translation of Hagiwara Sakutaro, Japan’s foremost modern poet, I thought I died and went to heaven. Sakutaro said his poetry had only one purpose: to reveal the workings of his mind. Thank you. Lordie.

I would enter into a scientific conversation with Sakutaro, coming up with what Dostoevsky called Notes from Underground. Bob appended Notes from Aboveground at the end of each session. I never looked at Bob’s notes.  After a year of wonderful fun, we came up with a lab manual of 36 sessions. We published it as an elegant, illustrated, hard-cover book, Howling with Sakutaro.

Psychoanalysis has deepened remarkably, technically and conceptually, since its thermodynamic formulation of Transference. The scientific conversations with Sakutaro demonstrate the growth and development of psychoanalsis since Freud began the study of the Mind in the late 19th century.

Howling with Sakutaro can be ordered: Ten dollars for the book, four dollars for handling and shipping.

Fred Kurth
3109 Colby Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

The Pleasure Principle and Faith

Spitz, do you hear sound like thunder reverberating against the vault of heaven? That’s the Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet racing across the First Day of Creation under the lashings of Freud.

The infant will not wait one jot for its next feeding. Delay brings immediate pain.  Unpleasure. Lo! Unbidden, a Force from regions unknown, appears. The Unpleasure disappears. That Force brings the power of fantasy. In the middle of The First Day, lashing his Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet tirelessly, Freud begins the creation of Mind. He calls it The Unpleasure Principle.

The Mind learns. It is a durable organ,  a permanent resident in the infant’s inner world. By and by, Mind notes that fantasy is a product of its own making. Actual feedings come from another world not inhabited by the infant, a place Mind calls Reality.

The infant is of two minds when learning that fantasy and reality are separate domains. He must choose one or the other. Time passes. The unpleasures of reality multiply. These bring fresh pain, pain that disappears when fantasy appears. Reality becomes more claimant. The infant, now a child, develops increasing powers of fantasy. The battle is joined.

For reasons unknown, some submit humbly to Reality. Others, reluctantly. Others, only seeming to. Their allegiance is to fantasy. These are ordinary citizens, as a poet observed, “busy with the minutiae of everyday usages.” They support The Boy Scouts, ladle out gravy, or scoop mashed potatoes on the plates of wretched homeless at The Mission every Thanksgiving. Their kids make the Dean’s list. When you talk with them they sound like “perfectly nice people.” They are!

In fact, they suffer a thought-disorder. Their allegiance is to fantasy.They are madder than the Mad Hatter. Omnipotently, they bestride the world – their creation! The reality of economics has no relevance. The truth, crying out from a thousand Romanian orphanages, Humans Beget Humans, is as silent as though shouted on the moon. Climate Change is a plot hatched by liberals.

“The serpent was the craftiest of all the creatures the Lord God had made. So the serpent came to the woman. “Really? NONE of the fruit in the garden? God says you mustn’t eat ANY of it?”

“Of course we may eat it,” the woman told him. “It’s only the fruit from the tree at the CENTER of the garden that we are not to eat. God says we mustn’t eat it or even touch it, or we will die.”

“That’s a lie!” the serpent hissed. “You’ll not die! God knows very well that the instant you eat it you will become like him.”

Satan is The Father of Lies. Everything he says is a lie, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes with a shout, but everything heard ’round the world. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Believe in The Lord God, not common sense. It’s common! Faith makes you like God, the creator of your own world. Of course you’re not mad! Let the unbelievers putter on the lowly earth. Only men of faith see Yonder!”

In the middle of The First Day, lashing tirelessly The Four Gleaming Horses of Chauvet, Freud began the creation of Mind. He named it, The Unpleasure Principle.




And Freud Said, Let There Be Light

Dear, wonderful Spitz, on that First Day of Creation, Freud said, Let There Be Light! And so began the Creation of Mind.

You won’t believe how it started. Sancta simplicitas! Freud asks, What does the infant do when it has to WAIT for its next feeding, not what it does in the three-dimensional world, but what does its mind do? Mind is non-Euclidean! One can’t weigh it, measure it; it has no magnitude. It disappears when not active. Turns off and on like a light bulb, mind the light, not the bulb. Charles Sanders Peirce said that when one experiences vividness, commotion and surprise, that’s how you know mind is present. Gerard Manley Hopkins observed, “O, mind has mountains, cliffs of fall frightful, no man fathomed.” Mind is pure activity, the author of its own existence. When not lit, mind disappears.

So Freud created Free Association. “Say whatever comes to mind.” Genius! A Day of Creation is the work of genius. Freud’s genius was  the work of twenty years, about the same as Shakespeare’s. Beethoven’s thirty years, about the same as Darwin’s. Mozart’s, 14, Schubert’s, less. Einstein from 1905 to 1916. Keat’s? Don’t ask.

Next burst of genius. “Say to whom?” The psychoanalyst. True, he was a creature out of the 19th century, sired by thermodynamics. But he brought, drawn by the four gleaming Horses of Chauvet, two powers of the human mind never before scientifically conceptualized and so ever after accessible to man. You can’t re-capture pre-conceptual ignorance. Of course, you can by willful ignorance! And the Pro-Lifers do exactly that. We’ll get to them by and by.

Freud recognized the mind is a human creation, its structure and energy distribution only accessible through a one-to-one human relationship – in real time. Any growth and development, any easing of suffering, must come thru a human relationship. His he called Transference. For all its 19th century physics, it was a giant leap in recognizing the provenance of mind. More than a hundred years later, Pro-Lifers, millions and millions of them, in their appalling ignorance, claim a human being is created when biology arranges a penetration of an egg by a sperm. Presto! Biology? Are you kidding me? Spitz, I may vomit on your couch!

Freud’s greatest achievement on that First Day just transmogrified into an unthinkable thought. Pro-Lifers do that  – make thinking impossible. Next session I’ll steer clear of the bastards.