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Return of the Greek Dark Ages

Mitch McConnell is a throwback – way back, to the Greek Dark Ages. Before the invention of The Olympics, Us vs Them was a gladiatorial business – winner take all, loser destroyed. With that greatest invention of the Greeks, The Contest, a winner gets a garland and not the loser’s head The loser lives to play another day, hopefully enriched by the experience.

Since Obama’s Inauguration in 2009, beginning the very first day, January 20th, McConnell has been a head hunter. I have found it difficult to enter his mind set, technically referred to as a Theory of Mind. 400 filibusters? Without let-up? Isn’t he embarrassed to vote NO! on every piece of legislation?  congressional effort to ease the suffering of children, of women, of the unemployed? The answer – No! Without batting an eye, he lays out in his infamous monotone nothing but lies and distortions on Obamacare, which he promises to destroy root and branch. Makes no difference that over 400,000 of his constituents in Kentucky have signed up. Every action he takes as Minority leader of the Senate is an attack against Obama. mano-a-mano, a fight to the death. Unrelenting. Murderous. Malignant. Never eases for a moment. It takes my breath away, but what’s my Theory of Mind?

And there it was! McConnell is a head hunter. Now I imagined myself not reading the Sports Page with vivid and entertaining descriptions of contests, but imagining myself stalking an enemy who I must kill before he kills me. Either I get my head chopped off, or I chop off his. There is no other outcome. Do I really believe with this fixed idea I would give decency the slightest attention? Or register embarrassment? Or pay attention to any thought except KILL!

I sent the following email to Alison Grimes, the Democratic challenger to McConnell in the election next November. Her mantra, “I don’t scare easily.”

Dear Alison.
Mitch McConnell is a throwback – way back, to the Greek Dark Ages! Before the Greeks invented the Olympics,  it was always Us Against Them, winner take all, loser destroyed. Two gladiators. Mitch has made plain his only role is that of a gladiator, not a competitor. His only mission  –  destroy Obama! For Mitch it’s not an on-going work to be done, a contest, pitting  the legislative with the executive so the “best man may win” –  for the good of the country. It’s a battle to the death! Of Obama!
He deals with you the same way. He stops at nothing  You are in his head, night and day, “How can I destroy her, before she destroys me?” It’s critical not to scare easily, but it’s just as important to recognize McConnell’s mind set..
I am contributing to your campaign.