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A Political Conversation – Day Four

Pol sci: The prophet Micah said,, “Without a vision, the people perish.” That rumbles with thunder from on high.

Dem: Sounds like thunder from a pulpit.

Pol sci: It’s bigger than Martin Luther. Micah claims it’s not just a problem for Lutherans, or in his case, Israelis, it’s a  problem for all people. Without a vision, every people, every tribe or nation self-destructs. Suppose that’s true.

Dem: I ordered Zen On A Motorcycle from Amazon last night. That crazy book sold five million copies back in the 70s. I’m a practical  Democrat. I have a vision the Dodgers – who came from Brooklyn! – will win the World Series this year. Does that count as a vision?

Pol sci: Counts for half, the half you can count. Like the number of baseball games. Or loaves of bread. Here comes that thunder again – “You can’t live by bread alone.” What are we missing? Of course, we can’t live without bread. Every animal survives on a staff of life. But Darwin, no less, insisted that when human brain size reaches a critical number, it will have evolved a Moral Sense, a neomorph, correlated with brain size,and unique to the hominid. That half of the human story can’t be quantified.

Dem: It’s a qualia! Bingo!

Pol sci: I have to correct an omission. Darwin not only linked the Moral Sense to brain size, but only to animals with social instincts. We lived in goups back to the Eocene, fifty million years ago.  Meeting both criteria, we were fated from the get–go. You Democrats register hungry kids, uninsured sick, unemployed workers. You count the loaves and the fishes. By what authority does a mere  man, a stutterer, in fact, come down off a mountain and command you to honor your father? Better yet, by whose authority did you choose not to honor him but to spend thirty  years at perpetual High Noon?

Dem: Maybe my authority came from Sir John Falstaff. He also asked , “What is honor? Is it in the soldier who got killed last Wednesday?” Falstaff smelled only a rotting corpse. Why did I go to war with my father? That was obviously my decision.

Pol sci: Now you sound like a Tea Bagger.

Dem: On some issues, even the Far Right is not out in left field. I agree. Everyone of us bastards comes with a Moral Sense. I’m with Darwin.

Pol sci: We are bastards. We have split off from nature – half-way. Not trailing clouds of glory, necessarily, but a moral sense, that half of us, has parentage outside of nature. We’re a neomorph, a human animal.

Dem: I remind you Darwin said the Moral Sense evolved through natural selection.

Pol sci: Evolution, like the Lord, works in mysterious ways. I mentioned having an epiphany so powerful it kept me thrashing until the wee hours. It was your scream – Republicans always go with moral issues, Democrats with bread and butter – that hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the mother of all Eurekas.

Dem: Read the Republican platform. Then you tell me whether Republicans don’t plot to make hay with moral issues.

Pol sci: Absolutely. I need plenty of space for my Eureka.

Dem: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

A Political Conversation – Day 3

Pol sci: Your cry of pain,  “All my life Republicans had me screaming. Always moral issues, never bread and butter,” is what kept me awake half the night. With seven words you caught how difficult it is to be a human being. The australopithecines, when not romancing, used every daylight hour to rustle up their daily bread. Go back fifty mllion years….

Dem: Go back four billion years, to the first cells. Same story. True for all living systems. What’s your point?

Pol sci: We’re only half animal! Without Republicans, your beloved Democrats would miss out on the full story. Darwin said it was inevitable, once a 450 cc brain, with only enough power to rustle up supper, exploded into a giant-sized 1300 cc’s. Enough power to inherit the earth. Homo sapiens sapiens, half human, half animal. Nothing like that human half had ever walked the planet. In only a million years, Darwinian evolution had lodged, in every one of us, a neomorph to end all neomorphs, the Moral Sense or conscience.

Dem: If John Boener has a conscience it must have sailed past me in the middle of the night.

Pol sci: A body-politic can get sick, just like any one of us. Sometimes dreadfully sick and must be destroyed, as was the case with Nazi Germany. Or it remains ill for many years and then takes a turn for the better, as with South Africa. The Tea Party, and dangerous bugs, like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz,  have made the Republican Party sicker.

Dem: Not sick enough to overturn Schmidt’s Law.

Pol sci: Republicans became critically ill under George W, yet in the 2010 election….

Dem: How dangerous a bug is racism, with Obama as President?

Pol sci:  (pause) The Moral Sense has you screaming. It comes, like it or not, with that giant brain, guaranteed to throw you, ready or not, into a region not accessible to your senses, but as real as loyalty or love or gratitude. Or hatred for your Republican father. It reveals itself only as, what the philosophers call, qualia. Psychoanalysts name this region, the inner world.

Dem: I ran across qualia in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a long time ago. Always wanted to go back to it.

Pol sci: Racism is a qualia. You can’t measure it. Euclid is of no help. Can’t weigh it. Can’t see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, smell it. It’s as insubstantial as a thought, yet as real as Republican efforts to restrict voting rights. What you can see or touch or hear or feel registers on Democrats.

Dem: Like hungry kids, maybe? Folks needing a doctor?

Pol sci: Practical fellows made up a sizeable chunk of every hunter-gatherer tribe. 47% maybe? They’re now called bricoleurs – handy-men, could fix anything by what their belly told them – hammered out stone utensils, the Acheulian hand-ax, kept fires in their moveable hearths. Every day, without fail, they checked the tribe’s pantry and fridge for its quantity of bread and butter. Democrats are the bricoleurs of the Pleistocene. Scientists are bricoleurs. They just add math. You can’t do math with qualia. You can count loaves of bread.

Dem: You read The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance?

Pol sci: Yes I did, a long time ago. Science can tell us only what IS. Molecules don’t fold into OUGHTS or ride piggy-back on electromagnetic waves. Meanwhile, Congress doesn’t come up with a budget. “Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you your values.”

Dem: Heard that song before.

Pol sci: The qualia of values translate into quantity when agreement is reached on a  budget, with simple arithmetic authorizing how big a piece of the pie everyone gets. That’s after The Right and The Left have accepted painful compromise. Lordie, Lordie. But it takes two to tango. With The Right critically ill, this fiendishly difficult work, even during best of times, can’t be done. We’re out of space for today.

Dem: I’m going to check Amazon for that crazy Zen book.

A Political Conversation – Day 2

Pol sci: At the end of yesterday’s conversation, you had a sad story to tell when we ran out of space.

Dem: It kept me awake most of the night.

Pol sci: I have a happy story to tell. So happy it kept me awake most of the night! After you….

Dem: As a kid, I loved my father. Adored him, actually. My dad and Joe Louis! World beaters. We lived in Brooklyn, where my father worked as the pastor of a Lutheran church from  1927 to 1941.

Pol sci: During the Great Depression.

Dem: Bingo! Hold that fact a minute. At one point, I spent seven months in the hospital, blasted by septicemia and erysipelas and mastoiditis and no antibiotics, a 10,000 to one shot. My ol’ Pappy pulled me through. Not God. Not Jesus. My dad! He was the greatest man in the world. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t President of the United States and not that monster, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Like every Lutheran pastor I ever knew, he hated FDR. I mean, hated! The Anti-Christ, except der Pabst, His Holiness, had first dibs. So in 1936, witnessing up close and personal that the New Deal was keeping his members with the living, my father voted for Alf Landon. Maybe the only Republican in Brooklyn. We’re going to run out of space again.

Pol sci: So we continue tomorrow. It’s a plus. Go on.

Dem: Time passed. I grew up, and with luck at my back, set up a career and family. Somewhere along the line, I had made a  stunning discovery. I was born a Democrat. My father and I, separated by a continent, had little contact. When we did get together, we avoided politics. Until, that is, beginning in the 60’s, when Fate stuck us in the same town. It was terrible. He hated JFK, FDR all over again. Unbelievably, he admired Nixon. He supported the Vietnam War. The communists had to be stopped from taking over the world. You wanna know the truth? I came to hate him like I hate Mitch McConnell. And I hated my father, my one-time ol’ Pappy, until the day he died. At 91, with all his marbles. Probably took ’em with him to heaven. Well, he loved guns. I hate them. All I know is we stood at fifty paces, pistols loaded, for nearly 30 years. And that’s my sad story. Didn’t leave you much space.

Pol sci: Left me a night’s sleep, the plus I mentioned. Sleeping on a problem can clear the mind wonderfully.  Something you said yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks. “All my life Republicans had me screaming. Always moral issues, never bread and butter.” Woke me out of a sound sleep. I spent the rest of the night linking your simple observation to biology’s grand concept of negative feedback.

Dem: Making sense out of Republican senselessness is anything but simple.

Pol sci: The mystery is that their current craziness doesn’t affect Steve Schmidt’s Law. Polls on the upcoming Midterm elections remain 50-50, more or less.

Dem: That has me screaming.

Pol sci: And me awake! Your observation, “Always moral issues, never bread and butter,” thundered in my head through the wee hours.

Dem: No surprise. I hurled it from a pulpit.

Pol sci: I propose we meet in each day’s blog space, as we are now, and, like Jacob wrestling with his angel, pin Steve Schmidt’s Law to the mat.

Dem: Fair enough.

Pol sci: Tomorrow I start. I had an epiphany.









The Latest Eureka

The latest Eureka – and the loudest! I will share it as a conversation between a political scientist and a Democrat.

Political scientist: Our biologist gifted us a magnificent concept –  “Negative feedback is the rule in biology, from molecules to planets. Human group life is a biological structure, and therefore will work only through negative feedback.”

Democrat:  Pow!

Pol sci:  Both The Right and The Left are living systems. Without negative feedback, each would fly off the rails. Negative feedback isn’t an abstraction, a lofty concept from the ether. It’s Democrats going head to head with Republicans, with whom they share the same issues, wrestle the same problems, live in the same corner of the universe.

Dem: Whoa, Nellie! I’m a Democrat, and I don’t live in the same universe as Eric Cantor, or Paul Ryan, or John Boehner. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in the same universe as crazy Ted Cruz. At least recognize that Democrats and Republicans occupy different corners of the universe. That’s what Steve Schmidt’s Law says, “In every election, 47% vote Republican in one corner, 47% vote Democratic in another corner.” The Law says EVERY election. I buy that. I’m a Democrat. Born that way. Different from Republicans,  different chemistry at work, atoms deep in my bowels from different nooks and crannies of the Periodic Table than rumble from Mitch McConnell’s belly.

Pol sci: I agree. The Right comes from an entirely different place from you Democrats on The Left, a place occupied for them by the Moral Sense, a product of evolution. Charles Darwin recognized the fundamental dynamic. “Any group animal would invariably acquire a moral sense or conscience as soon as its intellectual powers became as well developed as in man.”

Dem: Amen. I’m not dumb enough to say, “No!” to Big Charlie. Darwin was never wrong – almost. I do know all my life Republicans had me screaming. Always moral issues, never bread and butter. Cut spending, the hell with food for kids. Paul Ryan,  a self-righteous, pontificating phony-balony, bashes a bunch of supposed, black lazy bastards. Worse yet, he claims their hatred of work is in their fucking genes! Boehner, the meanest man in the world, brings a vote to the floor to repeal Obamacare 53 times. As for a vote on healing Immigration Reform, which has the necessary 218 votes in his House –  “Hell No!” And eleven million tormented, long-term American residents listen 24/7/365, dreading that knock on the door. Abortion? They know when HUMAN life begins. They take a zygote to Brooks Brothers. Even contraception is a murder. And, of course, every election Republicans parade a fresh batch of Baddies. Willy Horton. Welfare queens.

Pol sci: Granted, making the Moral Sense front and center puts ideology front and center.The problem is that, like belly buttons, everybody’s comes equipped with a Moral Sense. That I know is written in the genes. But why is it expressed largely on The Right?

Dem: Why is it around in the first place?

Pol sci: It evolved with the explosive enlargement of the human brain, particularly the frontal lobes. For three or four million years, there had been the australopithicines, descended from the apes, with a holding-steady cranial capacity of 450 cc’s, some 50 cc’s larger than a chimp’s. Then a million years ago, maybe earlier, maybe later, up pops Homo erectus, 800 cc’s cranial capacity! Is he the first to use fire? Possibly. The first cook? No later than 200,000 years ago, a mere blink in Deep Time, we arrived, you and me, our huge cranium now packed with a three pound game-changer. Here we are –  Homo sapiens sapiens, cranial capacity, 1300 cc’s. Or more.

Dem: You want to hear a sad story?

Pol sci: I’m listening.

(to be continued)

The Parlous 2014 Midterms

By deciphering Schmidt’s Law, “In every election, 47% vote Republican and 47% vote Democratic,” we have learned the law functions as a thermodynamic consequence of negative feedback. All living systems attain equilibrium through this mechanism. This revelation, thanks to biology, comes just in the nick of time, for the dire prognostications of the November elections for my beloved Democrats are driving me crazy. The Democrats, it is predicted, will not regain control of the House and may well lose control of the Senate. How is this possible? Consider:

25% of the electorate identifies itself as Republican, its lowest membership since records were kept. The public overwhelmingly supports every Democratic cause: raising the minimum wage, giving women equal pay for equal work, passing immigration reform, support for infrastructure repairs, support for education and for early schooling, investment in scientific research. I have not exhausted the list, including the fact that 8 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare and now are in favor of the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans offer a one issue choice – repeal wildly successful Obamacare.

Is that enough to drive you crazy, given Nate Silver’s devastating predictions!

Well, then, what choice do we have except submission to the immutable laws of thermodynamics. Certainly we have no cause for sackcloth and ashes, if in fact Republicans gain control of the government, completely making null and void the last two years of our champion’s presidency, killing untold thousands of women who desperately resort to homemade abortions, leaving to die thousands of poor Americans denied any access to medical care by criminally denying expansion of Medicaid, widening the great gulf already fixed between the 1% pretentious Gatsby’s and the rest of the citizenry, and, not to be believed, with utter thoughtlessness risking the earth becoming an uninhabitable Venus by runaway greenhouse warming. I want to sit down and cry.

Does understanding Schmidt’s law help us escape this plunge into Dante’s Inferno? Possibly.

We have to dissect the workings of negative feedback in this biologically alive human group come November. Best I can figure out it works through differential effort on the part of each party’s base. In 2010, Republican negative feedback worked by greater participation in the election by its base.

In short, we need all Democratic hands on deck to mobilize our base and for one shining election cycle bend an immutable consequence of a law of nature for the betterment of mankind. Sir Francis Bacon, from his pantheon, would lead the celestial chorus in his great hymn, Knowledge is Power, Its Glory the Salvation of Man.

Us vs. Them

While I was cavorting in God’s sunshine (open mind) with my biologist consultant, he made visible a revelatory concept: “Negative feedback is the rule in biology, from molecules to planets.”

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT! – Of course, that’s how it works. Life is relentlessly pushy, single-minded, “Here I come, ready or not.” Its exuberance knows no bounds. Consider a cell. In every one of our 100 trillion, braking systems within EACH cell let 75% of us escape the horror of cancer. Here’s one of the brakes – If a cell is damaged and dividing too quickly,  warning signals from crowded neighbors alert a tumor suppressor gene to step in and slow things down for repairs. Negative feedback! Darwin wrote, “Reflect that every being (even the elephant) breeds at such a rate, that in a few years, or at most a few centuries, the surface of the earth would not hold the progeny of one pair.” I read somewhere Darwin figured out elephants would stretch literally to the moon within less than a thousand years without survival of the fittest. Aha! Negative feedback!

My consultant also said, “A human group is a biological structure, dependent on negative feedback.” That’s Steve Schmidt’s Law, its deep structure our quest. Since the French Revolution, it’s been recognized a political group organizes itself into The Right and The Left, conservatives and progressives. Edmund Burke was one of the first and probably the greatest conservative, the same for Tom Paine on the progressive side. Here’ s negative feedback at work from the 18th century. Sound familiar?

Burke: “We know that parties must ever exist in a free country.” (Partisanship is fundamental to political life.) “I set out with a profound reverence for the wisdom of our ancestors, who have left us the inheritance of so happy a Constitution.” (Institutions, traditions, laws should be conserved, the hard-won pillars of society.) “The old building stands well enough, though part Gothic, part Grecian and part Chinese, until an attempt is made to square it into uniformity. Then it may come down upon our heads altogether, in much uniformity of ruin…We fear God; we look with awe to kings ; with affection to parliaments; with duty to magistrates; with reverence to priests; and with respect to nobility.” (Burke reasoned the offices of authority, of state and church, be respected, fully aware the divinity of kings, for example, is made up,)

Tom Paine: “Mr. Burke must compliment every government in the world, while the victims who suffer under them, whether sold into slavery, or tortured out of existence, are wholly forgotten. It is power, not principles, that Mr. Burke venerates and under this abominable depravity, he is disqualified to judge between them.”

Burke: (He had a profound mistrust of government intrusion on behalf of the poor.) “My opinion is against an overdoing of all meddling on the part of authority; the meddling with the subsistence of the people.” (Charity should take care of the needs of the poor.)

Paine: Is this the language of a rational man? Is it the language of a heart feeling as it ought to feel for the rights and happiness of the human race?”

(And so forth. Between 1950 and 1980, the Two Party system worked okay in our country. Not so okay since. Complicating matters for the last five years, The Right has lost respect for authority, for law and order, central to conservative thinking, as Burke stated so eloquently. When negative feedback is able to do its job, a colleague writes, “I get how the values of The Right contributed to our group survival, inspiring thrift, loyalty, sense of tradition. Equally important to what those on The Left were bringing to keep the group intact – fires burning and meat on the spit.”

Negative feedback accounts for Schmidt’s Law. Whence its deep structure?

God’s Sunshine

If we aim to think straight, then we have to target our “take” on the world, our interpretations and conjectures, on other minds. Most of the time, our guesses are so much rubbish. We have to kill the “li’l darlings.”  Disinfect the mind with God’s sunshine.  A case in point.

Steve Schmidt’s Law states, “In every election, 47% vote Republican and 47% vote Democratic. The 6% in-between determine the outcome.” Well, most elections are close to 50-50, as predicted by Schmidt’s Law. President Obama won 53% of the vote, a “landslide.” In the last century, only FDR in 1936 and LBJ in 1964 won with 60% of the vote. One outlier took place in the middle of the Great Depression, the other after JFK’s assassination.

Is there a deep structure underlying this constant in political life? That is my quest. After consulting the great minds the likes of Charles Darwin and David Hume, as well as extensive lab findings as reported by Pascal Boyer, I determined that the Moral Sense, a product of evolution and natural selection and transmitted through DNA, made biology a major player in politics. Therefore, both The Left and The Right must have their political agenda shaped by it. How, then, is it that the two parties present such different political platforms. DNA, with its three billion base pairs, codes for the Moral Sense in everybody.

An exegesis of Republican politics reveals invariably that moral judgments shape their thinking. Ideology, not facts on the ground, determines policy. What about the Democrats? It’s the other way around. Facts on the ground shape policy. Surely not half the race comes with the Moral Sense and not the other half. So I had a brilliant solution – the Moral Sense gene works like a rheostat, that is, with a sliding scale of penetrance. It’s an old idea in genetics. With Democrats, penetrance is incomplete; the unlucky Republicans inherited the whole enchilada.

I consulted a biologist who promptly killed the li’l darling. In broad daylight! Here’s what he said:

“Negative feedback produces equilibrium in dynamic systems and thereby stability emerges.  It is self-regulating, requiring no outside influence. Negative feedback is the rule in biology, from molecules to planets. Human group life is a biological structure, and therefore will work only through negative feedback. A group is built off of “Us vs. Them”  This will work through Negative Feedback to achieve stability over time. 50/50 is the consequence of negative feedback, leading to stability through equilibrium.”

See what happens when you trot out your ideas in God’s sunshine! The biologist states, “Human group life is a biological structure.” Eureka! A group is many-celled, like our body, which consists of 100 trillion cells. The “Body Politic” is also, metaphorically, multi-cellular. Microscopic cells multiply and live in crowded neighborhoods called body organs, humans multiply and live in crowded neigborhoods and organize themselves into two political bodies, The Right and The Left. They are neighbors and have to get along. They need a braking system to keep their multiplying exuberance within bounds. It’s called negative feedback. Here’s George Johnson in his Cancer Chronicles describing one single cell without brakes. “What had been a responsible member of an organization abandoned its communal obligation to replicate only when the entire organism required it and egotistically propagated itself.” No brakes. No negative feedback. A cancer cell keeps its foot on the pedal from now until doomsday. Bullying through negative feedback, it destroys the organism.

What about the two political parties and negative feedback? Are we looking at the deep structure responsible for the Steve Schmidt Law? Next time.

50/50 equilibrium

I have been investigating the deep structure that accounts for Steve Schmidt’s Law, which states – In every election, 47% vote Republican, 47% vote Democratic. The 6% in-between decide the outcome. C-Span, MSNBC and the New York Times are my laboratory, in addition to consulting the work of Charles Darwin, David Hume, Sigmund Freud, Russell Wallace, Pascal Boyer, among others.

This week, I shared my postings with a biologist. Here is his response.

“Negative feedback produces equilibrium in dynamic systems and thereby stability emerges.  It is self-regulating, requiring no outside influence. Negative feedback is the rule in biology, from molecules to planets. Human group life is a biological structure, and therefore will work only through negative feedback. A group is built off of “Us vs. Them”  This will work through Negative Feedback to achieve stability over time. 50/50 is the consequence of negative feedback, leading to stability through equilibrium.”

I find his statement, “A group is built off of “Us vs. Them,” wonderfully heuristic. In my judgment, fundamental to any understanding of Schmidt’s Law is that its foundation is the Moral Sense, a negative feedback mechanism. Here’s the skinny: The Moral Sense is a biologic structure, built into the human genome, its DNA transmitted to each new generation. Even St. Paul recognized it as a permanent part of man’s make-up. For that he didn’t need Mendel’s help. However, what is not recognized is that the Moral Sense evolved with TWO functions, one positive, the second negative. Everyone agrees that the Moral Sense whipped intra-tribal behavior into one of civility. The Golden Rule. The Ten Commandments. Love thy neighbor. It’s the right thing to do. That’s US!

But, the Moral Sense evolved a second function. It splits the US from the THEMS, who happen to be anyone not an US. Certainly that included the barbarians in the next valley, so tribes didn’t speak for 50,000 years. That’s why New Guineans talk in a babel of 1000 tongues. Or THEM  may be a group of lazy bums. They come that way, it’s generational. Hammock-lolling Takers! Or THEM may be groupies for same-sex marriage. Who won’t condemn abortion as murder. Who think illegal is a trivial bubble popped by the hot air of amnesty.

As I elaborated a few posts ago, the Republican agenda is shaped by moral imperatives (on spending, taxes, government regulations), the Democrats’ agenda by practical issues  (hungry children, unemployment benefits, minimum wage).  Since everyone inherits a Moral Sense, how to account for the difference between the two parties. I suggested a gene’s penetrance worked  like a rheostat. It’s an idea I ran across 30 years ago. Haven’t heard it since. Now along comes the biologist with a brilliant formulation. Eureka!

There’s an enormous split in the human condition, making it existentially unique. Humans are both body and soul, a fact recognized by Republicans and Democrats. We come into this world split! Two halves. And Lordie, Lordie, isn’t that a hell of a conundrum! Ask me or my dad. We got along super when my body was overwhemingly front and center. My soul made only an occasional cameo appearance, chanting Amen to every unexamined verity enfolding my early life in a Lutheran parsonage.

I did not shout Eureka when soul showed up at the door.








The Third Eureka

The Steve Schmidt law states: In every election, 47% vote Republican and 47% vote Democratic. The outcome of an election is determined by the 6% in between.

We have established the fact that The Right is under the hegemony of the Moral Sense, a biologic structure genetically wired into a hominid’s DNA. It is thus under the constraints of natural selection, a product of evolution. One of the most important principles to understand how evolution works is that there are no “Suddenlies.” Neomorphs don’t make it.

The fact that evolution takes its time as it develops a “story,” in statu nascendi, of course, provides a powerful insight in the “history” of The Right and The Left. It reveals a huge chapter of what actually went on in pre-history, hundreds of centuries before the race even knew how to write. The Moral Sense has been around a long time, at least 200,000 years, and is unique to the hominid. Also keep in mind that evolution works in a linear mode. One times one times one times one times one equals five. The human mind works exponentially. Two times two times four times eight times sixteen is 32. So far the score: evolution five, mind 32. However, at the end of the race, it’s a photo finish. The turtle and the hare. The point is that our political life is a product of biologic evolution.

The 47% on The Right and the 47% on The Left is what we would expect, exactly as Schmidt’s Law formulates. Perfect balance. It makes for stability, fundamental to every successful biologic system. What we need to know is under what flag does the 47% on The Left fly, equally matching the 47% on The Right sailing under the flag of the Moral Sense? Here’s the answer, my Third Eureka.

The common senses!

I know that comes across as pretty pedestrian, but the key fact to keep in mind is that it worked! A hunter-gatherer tribe didn’t live by bread alone. But every tribe had to make a living! Without bread, even the most fit warrior is a goner in no more than sixty days. The pantry endlessly bare. A hell of a problem. No farms anywhere in the whole world. No grocery stores, not even a Mom and Pop operation. Who brought home the bacon? Claude Levi-Strass said the bricoleurs. that’s who! Bricoleurs were the Pleistocene Democrats. Everyday handy men. Practical folks. Knew every inch of the land and where and when to find the vegetables. They survived, so they intuitively took their vitamins and minerals. These first Dems cut down their rations if children went hungry, found in the tribe Ubolt-gifted speedsters to run down an exhausted wildebeast. The Democratic bricoleurs trained butchers in the practical science of carving out sirloins with stone hand-axes. High on the list of the  tribal 47 percenters on The Left were firemen, not to put fires out but to keep them going. Starting a fire from scratch was no walk in the park. Of course, there were no parks, just infinite space. The Right had equally vital problems to recognize and solve. Pleistocene Republicans inspired loyalty and pride through imaginative rituals, exhilarating dances and majestic prayers. Without a vision the people perish. A tribe is people, my friend. These first Republicans for unnumbered centuries nurtured the life of the spirit. instilling the importance of sharing and thrift and looking after one’s neighbor. These two embryonic political parties had their differences, of course.  But the glorious fact is that for over 2000 centuries,  our forebears on The Right and on The Left made political life work.

In the middle of our conversation, this very moment, I experienced a fourth Eureka. Let me think it through and the next time we talk, I’ll hear what you think. I just glimpsed why the political set-up of 47% on The Right and 47% on The Left is not working today.