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Here Comes the Posse

You wanna meet Enemy #1 in every hunter-gatherer tribe for the last 200,000 years? Here’s the rascal:

What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in comprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals.

If tribes had a post office, they’d hang his mug on the wall. Why? For the reasons Hamlet just rattled off. A fella like that is DANGEROUS! a trouble-maker, a disturber of the peace.

“Look, buster, we don’t need some smart-ass telling us he’s got a better way to run the show. Isn’t our tribe in one piece – and, I might add – by the skin of our teeth? Our way works. Has forever. Don’t mess! Go peddle your ideas to those crazy barbarians over the hill.”

The Moral Sense evolved into a hominid DNA fixture by deputizing conscience, with its weapons of fear and guilt, to discipline the tribe. Any new idea, which can arise only in the mind of an individual,  was considered a threat and therefore an enemy, Us vs It. The status quo was forever. Any  proposal to change it, well, was unthinkable. The possibility of change never registered on a tribe’s collective consciousness.

How do we know this? With the emergence of organized states, the infallibility and exclusivity of the tribe got transferred to rulers, to kings with divine rights, to warlords and emperors and dictators and generals. But if you put your ear up close to the last 10,000 years,  who, through that long march of history, keeps shouting, for the very first time, the right to be heard? the freedom to think? And who is treated as an enemy of the state? who is gagged and silenced? who is tortured and imprisoned? who is burned at the stake? That’s right. That fellow  –

Man, Infinite in faculty.

And if allowed to think, no telling what the rascal can come up with. Take Galileo Galilei. Disturbing fellow. Ended the last ten years of his life under house arrest, Before he got pronounced an enemy of the state, he made a telescope. First of its kind. 1610. Have you Republicans ever seen it? Doesn’t look like much, but Jesus, it started a revolution.  John Boehner, esteemed Speaker of the House of the Dead, have you seen pictures taken by The Hubble? 100 billion galaxies! Less than a hundred years ago we thought the Milky Way, OUR galaxy, was the only one. That’s what happens when you let those smarties loose.

How ’bout this for a revolution.  I’m dictating these thoughts to my Dragon,  a computer program. He writes out every word, never loses attention. Like he’s devoted. W-h-a-a-t!  Alan Turing, who started the computer revolution before the state drove him to suicide, lived during my lifetime. He’s as close as a grandfather to my Dragon. I’ve talked about the Ascheulean hand ax, Mode One. It took a million years to manufacture Ascheulean hand ax, Mode Four.

Yet the Moral Sense dominates the Republican Right. You’d think these moral maniacs would exercise some humility, at least recognize the colossal achievements of science. But no, Republicans are superior to the science of Climate Change, dismiss scientific findings in economics, deny millions the science of health care, trample on the reproductive lives of women with no regard for the facts of biology. 

Hamlet gives us the key to the problem. The Moral Sense, with its terrifying deputy, conscience,  never links “infinite in faculty” with “paragon of animals.” Sure, man has the comprehension of a god, but he’s a primate evolved from an ape. The Moral Sense doesn’t realize man’s infinite faculty is imagination. It doesn’t  recognize its belief system about reality is all made up, mere conjectures, for example, that a human life begins at the moment of conception, that a morning-after pill is a murder weapon, that the poor are congenitally lazy.  Fantasies don’t tell us what turns the real world ’round. They’re guesses.

“You don’t have faith!” roars the Moral Sense, sending the posse at Democrats with burning faggots.

“Heretics! Burn ’em.”

-Sorry, fellas,  not doable in the 21st century..

“Fine, we’ll destroy your leader, that communist, secret Islamist, that black anti-Christ out of Africa, that dictator trampling on the Constitution,

Barack Hussein Obama.


Decree of Obduracy

And for the ninth time, Moses came to Pharoah, “Let me people go.” Pharoah promised Moses he would do so. And for the ninth time he hardened his heart and reneged on his promise. And the God of Moses sent yet another plague. And for the tenth time Moses came to Pharoah, “Let my people go.” Only this time, GOD hardened Pharoah’s heart, and for Pharoah’s obduracy, now divinely decreed, killed the first-born in every Egyptian household.

God had had it. Enough already! Pharoah had crossed the line. He had invoked The Decree of Obduracy.

In the previous months and weeks, President Obama talked to Putin by the hour. He talked to him face to face at conferences of world leaders. He had talked to him at length just before the megalomaniac took over Crimea and massed Russian troops on the eastern border of Ukraine.

Enough already! Yesterday, in his address to 2000 students at Brussels, flanked by the leaders of the Western world, Obama put down the hammer. “Russia is a regional power, no longer buoyed by a global ideology. It invades its neighbors out of weakness, not strength.” Point by point, he skewered Putin’s lies.

In his magnificent call-to-arms, Obama announced to the world Putin had fallem under The Decree of Obduracy. He had crossed the line. The President had rallied Europe to join America in unleashing a plague of sanctions on him and his beloved Russia.

Ghetto Blaster

Paul Ryan is a genius at crafting ghetto blasters. His latest thump-thumper reports a special culture of hammock bums who not only expect a free lunch, but a free breakfast and supper as well. Remarkably, this deplorable culture so prized by lazy bones is passed on through the generations. The Moral Sense has alerted Representative Ryan to this depravity, and it is his responsibility to mobilize his Party’s conscience to enforce the boundary between Them and Us. Denying food stamps, for example, is a moral imperative. The operational arm of the Moral Sense is conscience, so in good conscience one turns aside from hungry children and protects, in Republican culture, the Budget.

The first dynamic of the Moral Sense, ruthlessly enforced by conscience, splits the human world into Good and Evil. For Paul Ryan, it splits the Makers from the Takers, the workers from the drones. The second dynamic of the Moral Sense conserves the Status Quo, mobilizing fierce opposition to innovation. This second dynamic shapes the politics of the House of Representatives under Speaker John Boehner and Majority Whip Eric Cantor. For example, they called for a vote 53 times to repeal The Affordable Care Act, which in fact IS a huge innovation in national health insurance. Immoveable resistence to change was also a centerpiece of hunter-gatherer politics. The Moral Sense, a biologic structure, is alive and kicking today as it was in our forebears a thousand centuries ago. It throbs in Boehner’s and Cantor’s breast, who know not what they do.

How do we know the Moral Sense attacks innovation like the Inquisition went after heretics? Well, let’s take the Ascheulean stone ax, a tool used most every day to butcher and cut meat since Homo erectus appeared on the scene. It takes an expert to differentiate Acheulean Ax Mode One from Acheulean Ax Mode Four, the new and improved later model – a million years later! Were our forebears all dummies? exhibiting not a teeny inventiveness? 10,000 centuries and not one Thomas Edison? Recently, Cave Paintings were found from 36,000 years ago. Magnificent. The Sistine Chapel of the Paleolithic. Why were these powers dormant for hundreds of thousands of years? And then expressed in the darkness of a cave? Because conscience thundered: “You dangerous innovators: Shut the fuck up!” And everyone did. Why?

Because the status quo proved good enough. It was each tribe’s ticket to survival. It had evolved through natural selection.

The Moral Sense, conscience its tireless deputy, kept ten thousand generations of hunter-gatherers in line. Nearly a century before Darwin, conservative Edmund Burke recognized “moral duties we are bound to perform:”

Dark and inscrutable are the ways by which we come into the world. The instincts which give rise to this mysterious process are not of our making. But out of physical causes, unknown to us, perhaps unknowable, arise moral duties, which, as we are able to perfectly comprehend, we are bound indispensably to perform….Nor are we left without powerful instincts to make this duty as clear and grateful to us, as it is awful and coercive.

In Speaker Boehner’s House, the Moral Sense, adapted for the Pleistocene, is awful and coercive. No change in immigration. No increase in the minimum wage. No change in the wording of C502, shielding Republican billionaires from scrutiny. The big question: What is the source of creative innovations, turning the Moral Sense to murderous rage?

The individual!

(to be continued)

The Belly and the Moral Sense

Sure, it’s great to hear the thunder of a Charles Darwin and David Hume and Alfred Russell Wallace, not to overlook St. Paul, recognizing the reality of the Moral Sense. Amazingly, you, dear citizen, can add a few claps of thunder of your own, you know, a jolt that makes you jump three feet. If in fact the Moral Sense is an evolved BIOLOGIC structure, we should find evidence for it in each of us. It has to be universal, across race, continents, religions, you name it. Here’s your first CLAP of THUNDER.

Over 200 nations marched in the Olympics, some with four or five athletes attending, others with hundreds. Every contingent marched behind its own flag. Every citizen at Sochi and everyone watching in their native land registered in their belly – “My country! Those are my people!” That’s what you experienced, just like me, Republicans notwithstanding. Over a million years, the Moral Sense evolved to enforce hunter-gatherer tribal allegiance. The tribe was the vehicle of our survival, apostasy unthinkable. Conscience served as the 24/7/365 sheriff, its full fury reserved for traitors. Aren’t these Olympic rumblings in your belly and mine the same as heard by hominids for hundreds of thousands of years and today by the citizens of 200 nations? Remember that devastating story, A Man Without a Country?

Another echo from the Pleistocene now translated, “My Country ’tis of thee.” You’ve come down with a case of March Madness. You watch basketball games pairing two, utterly unknown teams from Palookaville. Within two minutes you prefer one team over the other, faint rumblings of Us vs, Them in your mind from a thousand centuries ago.

Here’s another CLAP of THUNDER:

Your name is Doris Stearns Goodwin. You are a world-renowned historian. You are also a Boston Red Sox fan. If your ‘Sox lose a game(out of 162), you are depressed for a day. You tell this emotional sequence to a prospective employer. You suspect it’s what cost you the job. Doris, your problem goes back long before history began, during a million years of unrecorded time. When your team plays, it’s Us vs. Them. When your beloved ‘Sox play the hated Yankees, those imperial plutocrats, well, then you sense in your fan-aticism intimatiomns of murder. Lucky for all of us, just the other day, geologic ally speaking, the Greek invention of The Game changed implacable rivalry to competition. Doris Stearns Goodwin is an historian. She writes things down. How do we know a murderous rivalry dominated tribal relations before unrecorded history? Here’s how: 1000 languages are spoken in New Guinea. For 50,000 years, even though tribes lived in adjoining valleys, astonishingly, not a hint of a shared language. Contact was fatal, isolation total. “No, child, never go near that hill. That’s where monsters live.”

In 1941, the vestry of my father’s Lutheran church in Brooklyn appeared en masse at the parsonage on a Sunday afternoon in October. The men were inconsolable. The Dodgers had had two outs in the ninth inning when Mickey Owen, the Dodger catcher, dropped the third strike, giving the enemy another chance. Of course, the arrogant, invincible, murderous Yankees snatched – always and forever! – victory from the jaws of defeat. “Pastor, comfort us,” they pleaded.

Can you hear this CLAP OF THUNDER. Your city just qualified for the Super Bowl. Suddenly, everyone’s a neighbor. You gather ’round the water cooler for the first time chattering football and OUR team and OUR champions. You read your fattened sports section. “Yeah! World Champions. Did you know the other tribe – I mean team – had been caught and fined for shady business? Bad guys. So it was ten years ago. What difference does that make!” Of coure, if your team goes down to defeat it’s unbearable agony. “Huh? You’re hurting? What’s the matter with you! The players aren’t even from your town. They’re millionaires plying a high-paying trade. You never met a one of them. What is this madness, this crazy fanaticism! You say you can’t stand the pain? Give me a break!”

It’s the PLEISTOCENE in our belly.

(to be continued)

It’s a Mystery!

I am trying to solve a deep mystery: what accounts for the fact that every political group, if given sufficient freedom, divides itself into The Right and The Left? Not only that, both are usually immovable. They may as well be set in concrete. For example, I can’t imagine ever voting Republican. In some as yet unspecified way, that would be a violation of my nature. As already noted in many of previous posts on this blog site, the Republican “take” on reality is profoundly different from the Democratic “take,” so which Party one “chooses” may reveal the foundations of one’s personality. Obviously, one’s political position is not a trivial matter.

In the Republican Brain, Chris Mooney observes, “If we have strong emotional convictions about something, then these convictions must be thought of as an actual physical part of our brain. Beliefs are physical.” Little wonder that political arguments go nowhere. Way back in 1892, William James observed that our body houses the emotions.

If we fancy some strong emotion and then try to abstract from our consciousness of it all the feelings of its bodily symptoms, we find we have nothing left behind, no ‘mind stuff’ out of which emotion can be constituted, and that a cold and neutral state of intellectual perception is all that remains… What kind of an emotion of fear would be left if the feeling neither of quickened heart beats nor of shallow breathing, neither of trembling lips nor weakened limbs, neither of gooseflesh nor of visceral stirrings, were present, it is quite impossible for me to think. Can one fancy the state of rage and picture no ebullition in the chest, no flushing of the face, no clenching of the teeth, no impulse to vigorous action, but in their stead limp muscles, calm breathing, and a placid face?

I have an hypothesis: I propose there is one structure in every one of us that accounts for the differences in how The Right thinks and acts from how The Left thinks and acts. That structure is conscience. Its power is daunting. It can make “cowards of us all.” It can be paralysing, turning awry great enterprises so that they “lose the name of action.” It can re-direct a lost soul back to the straight and narrow. It can drive a Javert to suicide. It is unique to us hominids, while putting in doubt our lofty designation, Homo sapiens sapiens. It unleashes generosity; it fuels unimaginable cruelties. It serves as chief architect for the Right and chief architect for The Left. It divides the political world in half.

Conscience is made of two components, one phylogenetic, the Moral Sense, the other ontogenetic, the Super-Ego. The Moral Sense is a biologic brain structure evolved through evolution by natural selection. Darwin described it this way: “Any animal whatsoever, endowed with well-marked social instincts, the parental and filial affections being here included, would inevitably acquire a moral sense or conscience, as soon as its intellectual powers had become as well, or nearly as well developed, as in man.” We began our hominid journey through the Pleistocene with cousin Homo erectus endowed wwith a cranial capacity of 800 ccs, arriving at us Sapiens with a brain volume between 1300 and 1500 ccs.

The Super-Ego developed, not evolved, through our experiences growing up. We identified with our parents and then internalized these first relationships in our Ego, “giving permanent expression
to the influence of the parents.” Freud adds, “It is the outcome of two highly important factors, the lengthy duration in man of his childhood helplessness and dependence, and the fact of his Oedipus complex.” The latter is a consequence of infantile sexuality.

(to be continued)

Republican Essentialism

If you’re blond, blue-eyed, descended from a chosen tribe in northern Europe, you came into this world a member of the superior Aryan race. You were endowed with the Essence, Aryan, before you crawled out of your mama’s belly. Some folks have all the luck! Aryan supremacy! It comes rolling mellifluously off the tongue.

Of course, some may discover they crawled up the wrong birth canal. One group came out deeply flawed – the Poor. True, in this country, by and large, they’re well fed. If they were cattle, you’d rate them prime. They have a soul – it’s not that the Heavenly Father didn’t provide one – but, and here’s the problem, it’s empty. Unlike the industrious, tidy Aryans, folks with an empty soul, to put it blumtly, are just plain lazy. Their idea of work is swinging happily in a hammock, waiting for someone to bring the beer and pretzels. Is their lamentable character fixed in stone? Well, maybe if society stopped going along with their fixed ways, just maybe that would mitigate the problem.

This brand of ontology philosophers describe as Essentialism, that is, Essence precedes Existence. What we are, our Essence, comes before what we do. Our actions don’t change our Essence. Paul Ryan, a Republican intellectuasl giant, gave an example of Essentialism the other day. The Poor, especially those of color, may be provided “full bellies,” thanks to Democrats indulging them, but end up with “empty souls.” They don’t learn anything from being babied. All they expect is more where the last goody came from. They are unable to grow and develop from the help of others. “Changing the experience of a full belly into soul food is too much like work! Manana!” You see, it’s who they are! They forever insist the government is a nipple.

When a sperm enters an egg, Essentialism swings into action. We’re not just dealing with an incremental step of biology, the creation of a zygote. Suddenly a fully-vested human, a freshly minted citizen, pops into the story, entitled to all the rights and privileges there-to appertaining under the American Constitution. At that amazing instant Essence is transmitted. If it’s Republican Essence, well, count your blessings. If it’s Aryan Supremcy, Heil Hitler. If it’s the Essence of The Poor, here comes the Welfare State. Let’s examine the Essence shaping the interior of every proud Republican.

According to the aforementioned deep thinker, Paul Ryan insists fiscal sanity begins and ends with balanced books. In his famed Ryan Budget, Republicans will reverse the spendthrift ways of President Obama and his piled-up deficits. Nothing weighs more heavily on the conscience of a Republican than not spending money carefully. Don’t the immutable laws of arithmetic demand it, John Maynard Keynes be damned? Austerity must pre-empt funds for education, research, above all, entitlement programs. Even food stamps. “Thrift, Horatio.” It is morally corrupt to live beyond one’s means. True above all for government! In fact, the Essence of Republican thinking is that government is the problem and more often than not gets in the way of personal achievement. No one is helped by hand-outs from the government. Nor should those with a highly developed work ethic share their hard-won abundance with the whining Poor.

Republican Essence: Money! Money! Money!

Republican Existence: The land of King Midas.

Republicans’ Cruelty

Paul Ryan claims that the Democrats’ agenda produces “full bellies and empty souls.”
With epigrammatic succinctness, he states the Dems are without a spiritual dimension. Sure, bellies may be fed, even to the full, but they do not contribute to the life of the spirit. Democratic good works go nowhere.

I was thunder-struck. In that short statement, I realized Ryan had provided a Rosetta Stone for understanding Republican cruelty. I can’t exaggerate the Party’s viciousness. Who nixes food stamps for hungry children? Republicans proposed cutting 40 billion from the food stamp program over the next ten years. They refuse to provide unemployment insurance for two million workers who had earned that protection when they had a job. In every state with a Republican governor and a Republican legislature, they have made abortion all but impossible for clinics specializing in women’s reproductive needs. In Texas, the number of clinics reduced from 35 to six has left tens of thousands of pregnant poor without recourse to a safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy, a right guaranteed by law since Roe/Wade. Those tens of thousands are in a state of despair, as we speak. Republicans will not accept any immigration bill that offers amnesty, regardless how difficult the path to citizenship, so that eleven million human beings live under the shadow of a great darkness, endlessly fearful of deportation. Many have lived in the United States for two decades.

Our Rosetta Stone – Full Bellies/Empty Souls – deciphered in its deep structure, reveals the provenance of Republican cruelty. Paul Ryan claims membership in the same church as Pope Francis, who has focused his ministry on action taken on behalf of the poor. It’s the same standard set by Jesus, “By their works ye shall know them.” Full bellies means someone has taken care, has paid attention, to make those full bellies a physical reality. In sorrow, King Lear recognized he had not acted on behalf of the “unfed sides.” ACTION taken is the basis for judging moral character. Ryan, unlike Pope Francis and Jesus and King Lear, insists the soul is what it is. Whatever action taken, even action that fills bellies, does nothing for the soul. This is the mystery.

What is the deep structure that empowers Republicans to carry on indifferent to the needy, the disabled, the down-and-outers? Is the joy of belonging to the Party simply a full-time, non-stop, party? Is it that membership is guaranteed, comes with one’s birthright? Unlike deformed, “half made-up,” King Richard, Republicans come into this world fully assembled, morally as well put-together as a newly issued derivative.

Re-phrasing the question, What is the deep structure that, according to Ryan, cuts off soul from acts in the physical world? Answer:

THE MORAL SENSE! Its operationally arm: conscience. The chief dyamic of the Moral Sense is splitting; it splits the human world into good and evil, the worthy and the worthless, the rich and the poor. In good conscience Republicans can ignore the bad guys. (The Moral Sense is a biologic entity transmitted via our DNA. As Hume and Darwin recognized, it evolved through natural selection during the Pleistocene.)

Conscience was the implacable tyrant in every hunter-gatherer tribe. It shaped political life for a million years. It is today the force commandeering The Right into a No Machine – No to Obamacare, No to food stamps, No to reproductive care, No to unemployment insurace, No to President Obama selling the Affordable Care Act on a comedy show, No to anything associated with the President. In short, an ecumenical NO.

What then is Paul Ryan revealing about the Republican mind with his epigrammatic statement, Full Bellies/Empty Souls? Note that the left side of the equation refers to a physical fact, the right half to a spiritual state. The two are polar opposites, contrasting full with empty. Action in the everyday world on the left is irrelevant to the soul on the right. What then interacts with the soul? The Moral Sense. The Moral Sense justifies the Good Guys from acting in any way for the Bad Guys.The No Machine is the political expression of it. In Stalin’s murderous Show trials back in the Thirties, the political expression of the Moral Sense was the Guilt Machine. Republicans hammered this fact of splitting into the No Machine. The soul has been cast into darkness, the soul of the Democrats, that is. You know, the 99 percenters.

There is no redemption possible. The soul is what it is, the Moral Sense splitting the world into the Worthies and the Unworthies. The Moral Sense requires the No Machine. Paul Ryan’s Full Bellies/Empty Souls reveals this lamentable fact.

Putin and Other Liars

Since the night of January 3rd, 2008, after Obama’s victory speech in the Iowa primary, I have immersed mself in real-life politics, C-Span, by televising congressional hearings in particular, making such an effort possible. I had no idea that for many pols their native tongue is lying. Without batting an eye, videos screaming otherwise, they speak with the authority of truth and the mellifluous charm of trust. Chris Cristie in his January 9th, two hour press conference, rattled off falsities with the conviction of a prophet. Everyone knew he was lying, yet the discussion turned to his remaining a viable candidate for the presidency of the United States and leader of the Free World. Well, it is a job filled by the most successful liar frequently.

Putin gave a two hour press conference yesterday. Earlier, he had spoken with Angela Merkel, who immediately called Obama to warn him that Putin is delusional. If that’s the correct diagnosis, that’s bad news.

I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC. Diagnosis? “Envelope, please….”

Putin is a liar.


Most historians agree that one man, Hitler, started World War II. And that except for this one single man, the war would never have happened. Bush and Bush alone started the Iraq war.

Angela Merkel talked to Putin yesterday. He was “unhinged,” “in his own world.” In short, in her judgment, he is psychotic. That is very disturbing. I assume our President, who has spent two hours on the phone with Putin, knows this.

If ever the world needs No drama/Obama, it is now.

Moral Sense Summarized – New Guinea – Part Four

World-famed polymath, Jared Diamond, reports, “New Guinea has about 1000 languages, many of them unrelated to any other known language in New Guinea or elsewhere! The average New Guinea language is spoken by a few thousand people living within a radius of 10 miles. New Guinea shows linguists what the world used to be like, each isolated tribe having its own language….The range of cultural practices in New Guinea also eclipses that within the equivalent areas elsewhere in the modern world, because isolated tribes were able to live out social experiments that others would find utterly unacceptable… Some tribes went naked, others concealed their genitals and practiced extreme sexual prudery, and still others flagrantly advertised the penis and testes with various props.”

New Guinea hunter-gather tribes lived in adjacent valleys, in total isolation. How do we know? Diamond tells us. Each spoke its own language, not a word traceable to a neighbor who had lived just over the next hill for tens of thousands of years. Compare Chaucer’s language with that of Shakespeare’s, a mere 200 years later. Language evolves at astonishing speed when not identified with an enemy and forbidden usage.

The Moral Sense, a biologic structure found only in hominids, is the engine driving every group’s culture. Like language, cultures come in endless variety. The Moral Sense doesn’t specify a Holy Book spelling out chapter and verse, or reveal revelations to a shaman or prophet. No divinity shapes a culture. Each group picks and chooses. It is entirely man-made, assembled by AESTHETIC judgments shared by a group. It has no other foundation, despite all rumors of miraculous revelations to the contrary. One group celebrates nakedness, another prudery. One group supports same-sex marriage, another finds it in violation of God’s word. One group insists human life begins at conception, another when the fetus gives evidence of a central nervous system. All are aesthetic judgments. Without factual support, the specific beliefs, customs and mores of a group are maintained under the terrifying eye of conscience. Like the current Tea Party, there is no wiggle room in the system.

The Moral Sense evolved cultures under the specification of three parameters. The first split
the world in two, a Good Group, all others, Bad.

A second parameter, absolute intolerance of innovation. Any idea outside the received wisdom was crushed with the ruthlessness of the Spanish Inquisition, not just for 300 years but for a million!

The third, absolute allegiance to maximize survival.

How does the Tea Party stack up compared with a hunter-gather tribe in the Pleistocene? My hypothesis is that this Far Right Republican group is shaped by the Moral Sense within the three parameters. Diamond reports that in 1938, an expedition from the American Museum of Natural History entered the supposedly uninhabited Grand Valley of west New Guinea. Astonishingly, it found 50,000 Papuans, unknown to the rest of humanity and themselves unaware of others’ existence. They lived in the Stone Age!

John Boehner, Speaker of The House, can block any legislation by not bringing it to a vote. This authority makes him the most powerful politician in our land, more powerful than the President. He does the bidding of the Tea Party, a stone age organization straight from the Grand Valley of New Guinea. Check it out. The Tea Party demands absolute allegiance. It wars with all other groups. Its ideology is fixed in stone.

The Tea Party is a poster child for the Moral Sense. It is through and through Pleistocene. It makes the Moral Sense as alive and real as 50,000 alive and real Stone Age Papuans discovered in the last century. The conversations posted on this blog are intended to draw attention to this fact in this century.