The Man From Jordan

Like a true prophet, he is terrifying. He preaches a message that recognizes both the depth of human suffering and the depravity of human malevolence.

Jordan Peterson bestrides our world like a colossus. He personifies the singular achievement of The West, namely, the emergence of the individual. With astonishing brilliance, he has assimilated all aspects of Western culture. His vast learning is built on a foundation of Darwinian biology and listening for 25,000 hours to individuals one-on-one. These two disparate ontologies inform his understanding of science, history, literature, philosophy, psychology.

The human story is a ceaseless struggle between order and chaos. At the present time, chaos is in the saddle and rides mankind. Our government under Trump is an unimaginable scale-up of The Mafia, with the power to end civilization. Russia is ruled by a Chicago gangster. The Philippines by a murderer, as is Venezuela. Tribalism is on the march, that is, the provenance of identity politics which brought about at least 100 million violent deaths under Mao, Stalin and Hitler.

What is to be done?

The Democrats have to regain political power. Without that, we are mere reeds, shaking in the wind. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize recipient, has documented tirelessly, Lawrence O’Donnell, who served as Chief of Staff to Senator Patrick Moyniyan, has detailed relentlessly, New York Times columnist, Charles Blow, has shouted from the rooftops the utter corruption of the Republican party. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan don’t hear one syllable.

We have to win control of The House and Senate this November! We are the most powerful nation on our threatened planet. It is unthinkable, and yet a fact, that we are in machine gun range of our Mafia government.

The man from Jordan is a great prophet. He is not a leader. President Obama is. Both men are the same age. Both have kept their room clean. Both have paid attention to the demands of living in a body. Jordan weighs the same as he did at age 25. Both have been married some twenty years. Both have successful children. Both are without scandal. Both speak with the tongue of angels. Both are endowed with incomparable brilliance.

We need them to lead us out of the wilderness.

Jordan is Canadian. Whether it’s climate warming or nuclear weapons, the threats are global. Why can’t Jordan and Barack sit down together, no one else at the table, and throughout this year document conversationally the shameless depravity of those in power?

Why can’t they sit down with two women, such as Elizabeth Warren and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, and the four of them open the eyes of the American voters to the immense responsibility they bear to the world?

A well-known hymn states the proposition,

“Once to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide.”

That moment is the next eight months before the November election.

We are blessed with two titans walking among us. We have reason for gratitude.

We have terrifying reasons to recognize our individual responsibility.

Arithmetic and Transformations

I agree with a colleague, who wrote,

“In my judgment, Al Franken is not a predator. Instead, he likes to play a naughty boy role. He knows he is being naughty, but he’s a cut-up and doesn’t hide it. In the photo, he is ‘posing’ as a lecher, for crying out loud.”

Lawrence O’Donnell, who spent seven years in the Senate as Chief of Staff to Democrat Pat Moynihan, drew attention, on his MSNBC program, ‘The Last Word, to a “Wave,” a metaphor for the political force unleashed by women going public on sexual harassment from powerful men. Such a force, Lawrence suggested, is transformative. Later in the program, talking of Al Franken, Lawrence said, ‘Politics always comes down to politics.'”

What is Lawrence talking about? Two things –

First, Politics as Arithmetic

Al Franken comes from a state with a Democratic governor. His seat will be filled by a Democrat.

The federal corruption trial of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez ended in a mistrial Thursday after the jury reported it was hopelessly deadlocked. If he is rejected by the Democrats, Republican governor, Chris Christy, will appoint a Republican to fill Menendez’seat. The Democrats embraced Menendez on his return to the Senate.

Is that what he’s talking about?

Yes. “That’s politics.”

And so is –

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Suppose we re-write Shakespeare like this,

There is a WAVE in the affairs of men,
And we must take the WAVE when it serves.

Or re-write it like this,

There is a MEME in the affairs of men,
And we must take the MEME when it serves.

A meme is “a culturally transmitted informational entity.” It is transmitted perceptually, not genetically. If the changed relationship between men and women is to survive through natural selection, then it must be made visible. When the democrats insisted Franken resign, they were doing just that – making a meme all can see!

Their remarkable consensus indicates the political culture had profoundly changed. It had exploded the falsity that men are superior to women. We are much more human than otherwise. A women is not inferior to man. She is not to submit to his authority, but to share it equally.

A mere 200 years ago, Aaron Burr, the sitting vice-president of the United States, killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Why is duelling unthinkable now? When and how did that come about? Why is war between major European nations unthinkable for the last 75 years, a continent most given to war for interminable centuries?

You ask, “Why did the Democratic senators ask Franken – the least arrogant of powerful men – to resign?”

– Because they think differently!

“What! Since last week?”

– Maybe since yesterday! These transformations occur invisibly. When and how is a mystery. Inexplicable. Recently we experienced a profound change in our culture regarding homosexuality, astonished at its rapidity. The same was true for abortion and a woman’s right to choose.

The Republicans have thrown in their lot with Donald Trump and Roy Moore. The Democrats, by their ousting of Al Franken, have opted for a transformation of our political life. It’s not a holier than thou position. It is making a more perfect union. It is a statement by the Democratic Party and not that of a single senator, regardless of her/his motives.

I am heart-sick with the resignation of Al Franken. I am comforted it is not political action based on arithmetic, necessary though that almost always is.

At this point in time, our culture is being propelled on a giant tide. We the People must take the current while it serves or lose our venture.

Politics and Transformations.

Memes to the Rescue

In 1976, biologist Richard Dawkins discovered The Meme. He didn’t invent it. He found it! It’s not matter. It’s not energy.

“What is it then?”

-It’s Information.

“Dawkins discovered Google!”

– Of course not. Google is merely a gigantic storage bin. Memes are information in action. They are in the heads of people.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Did God spend the seventh day creating Information?”

– Information came in with language, an event as puzzling as the origin of life. With language, we became informants. We developed the spoken word, which serves as the bearer of information. We speak a mutually intelligible language and have the powers to thrash belief systems and the complexities of a culture. No other animal speaks a symbolic language. No other animal has the faintest idea of semantics and the structuring powers of syntax. When language was first heard on the planet is anybody’s guess. Contrasted with geologic time, it was closer to yesterday than a month ago. What is obvious is that it made us the masters of the planet and its custodians.

“That’s all very interesting, but where is relief from the Trump Horror Show? The other day he injected racism in a ceremony to honor Native Americans. The depravity of our government is an unobstructed work in progress.”

– Trump’s racism is a meme, an informational entity identifying a group’s culture, and, like genes, transmitted to succeeding generations. The longer a meme remains viable through the rough and tumble of natural selection, the more powerful its impact. The DNA of a gene identifies a single individual. Shared memes identify a group.

“Is there a more powerful meme than that of racism? It’s been around since the first colonies.”

– Racism has a long history. The longer a meme has been selected the more power it wields in a group. A meme is “a culturally transmitted informational entity.” Racism is certainly in a lot of heads and shapes behavior generation after generation. One of the great benefits to us of Dawkins’discovery of memes is that we needn’t be discouraged that memes, say, for the gun culture or racism, persist. Their durability is the nature of the beast. Here’s another meme, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” This informational entity has also been transmitted generation after generation.

– Through thick and thin, we have kept our political traditions dynamically relevant. For 240 years we have adhered to The Rule of Law and our Constitution. It’s our history. It’s We the People. It’s our America. Above all, we have submitted to the peaceful transfer of power.

– The most remarkable fact of the Trump Administration is its foreignness. Not just its treasonous alliance with Russia, but its daily perversity in attacking our way of governing, our way of life. The meme for Bozo the Clown as President does not have a long history. It will not survive natural selection.

– Simply put, the Trump meme doesn’t have generational breadth. It’s an oddity, the unlikely convergence of bits and pieces from the dark places of marginal political groups. It will not survive natural selection. In political life, that takes place in the voting booth.

– Recent election results in Virginia and New Jersey indicate the continuing memetic vigor of our democracy.

Lust and the Male

Men are in bad odor these days – some very good men, like Al Franken, some very bad, like Roy Moore.

It’s imperative we limit the damage. Two facts, if we understand them, can help us.

First fact: Lust is an affliction. It is a life-long crippling in the male. I saw a 90 year old man die while lusting after a nurse in the ward. Lust is experienced briefly by women early in life and then evaporates. Shakespeare’s great sonnet, #129, in a mere 14 lines, says it all.

Th’ expense of spirit in a waste of shame
Is lust in action; and till action, lust
Is perjured, murd’rous, bloody, full of blame,
Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
Enjoyed no sooner but despisèd straight,
Past reason hunted; and, no sooner had
Past reason hated as a swallowed bait
On purpose laid to make the taker mad;
Mad in pursuit and in possession so,
Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme;
A bliss in proof and proved, a very woe;
Before, a joy proposed; behind, a dream.
All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.

Second fact: males are 20% bigger and stronger than women. That is the doings of biology. The other disparities between the two sexes are MALE-MADE. Males have seen to it that they, at the least, are 20% more favored than women in the world at large – given more prestigious jobs, elected or promoted to higher office, paid larger salaries, occupy positions of greater power.

The problem is, lording it over women doesn’t work. If it did, the male wouldn’t be suffering so terribly. Hammer blows rain down on him – savage, extreme, murd’rous, bloody. He gets through the battering only by suppressing a scream. He can’t escape the relentless damage of his infirmity – “the expense of spirit in a waste of shame.”

The world well knows, Lust makes a man mad in pursuit of woman, had, having, and in quest to have, extreme. It also knows his physical superiority over women doesn’t solve the problem. Beating up a woman gets him nowhere.

At issue is this:

Judging a man’s culpability in a lust-driven relationship is determined by what he has done with his male-made 20% advantage!

“It comes down to fallibility vs. criminality.”

Maleness generates enormous pressure on a man. It compromises his judgment. It reveals the fallibility of a good man, like Al Franken. It reveals the criminality of a bad man, like Roy Moore.

That judgment is for us to make.

Now what?

What do

Racism –

The Gun Lobby –

Belief in Genesis –

Monarchical government –

have in common?

They are all memes, informational entities identifying a group’s culture, and, like genes, transmitted to succeeding generations. The DNA of a gene identifies a single individual. Shared memes identify a group. Both genes and memes are subject to natural selection.

Memes are transmitted perceptually, not genetically. We transmit the meme for working a hula hoop from watching someone working a hulu hoop. Genes may last millions of years; memes may be as short-lived as the hulu hoop craze. A meme is information in a person’s head. Initially, we sit at our mother’s knee. Before long, a thousand others shape that information, thereby laying the foundation of our belief systems and group memberships. The longer a meme remains viable through the rough and tumble of natural selection, the more powerful its impact. The four groups listed above have survived at least five hundred years through many generations.

The Virginia settlers in the early 1600s brought slaves. From the very beginning, memes for race and racism became part of our culture and were transmitted to every succeeding generation. They survived through natural selection. Racism, the Gun Culture, Belief in Genesis, Usurping Monarchical government have been memetically transmitted for at least 500 years.

Firearms from the first Indian Wars through the settlement of the Wild West established the gun culture.

In the early 1500s, Martin Luther translated the Latin Bible into German, insisting God had verbally inspired every word, including, of course, Genesis. 500 hundred years later, highly intelligent clergy subscribe to the belief the dinosaur romped with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden – and built a 25 million dollar theme park on that belief.

Despite The Glorious Revolution of 1688, King George the Third called the shots in the 1770s, and monarchical arrogance, by committee, as it were, continues to blight present-day England.

These are mind-mangling memes, their pathologic potency undiminished generation after generation.

Wilfred Bion, my mentor, observed, “If the mind does not see what is obvious, there is nothing to be done.”

If one can’t see 300 million guns, including thousands of AK-47s, or the 100,000 victims of gun violence in our country every year – there is nothing to be done.

If one can’t see the absurdity of racism when simply comparing Barack Obama with Donald Trump – there is nothing to be done.

If one can’t see the ridiculousness of 200 billion galaxies giving place to the fable of Genesis – there is nothing to be done.

If one can’t see a monarchical tyranny over-riding government of the people – there is nothing to be done.

Wilfred is the only genius I knew personally. He understood the deep structure of 500 year old memes. Remember when 20 children, ages six and seven, at The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, were gunned down in their classroom? Mass shootings come and go, but this! So President Obama established a commission, chaired by Vice-president Joseph Biden, to formulate gun-control legislation. Joe and the members of the task force worked months, often late into the night. Every proposal they came up with was supported by 60 to 90 % of the country.

And each and every proposal got voted down by the Congress!

How was that possible?

500 year memes, that’s how.

Now what!

Mangled Minds


For three years, I worked as a country doc in the bayou backwaters of Louisiana, before the Civil Rights movement. I had two offices strung along the river road sheltered behind the levee holding back the mighty Mississippi. If folks wanted a house call, they’d plant a white flag. If a flag beckoned at the tiny village of Killona, I’d tote my black bag into the sprawling slave quarters, shacks continuously occupied long before the Civil War; and every shack still occupied.

I was taking over the practice of the sheriff’s son, who was leaving for a surgery residency at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. This was before the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid, of course, so blacks formed small groups providing medical coverage. I would continue as their doctor. When introduced to the head of one such group, I shook his hand. The sheriff’s son slapped my hand away. “We don’t do that down here!” he barked.

Charity hospital was destroyed by Katrina – a nearly 3,000 bed hospital built in 1939 for the poor. Charity was split down the middle, one half for blacks, one half for whites, the halves a mirror image of each other. I had interned at Charity before going to the country. My first assignment had been Female Medicine. Each hospital ward had twelve beds. On the black side, I had 25 patients stuffed on gurneys, cots and mattresses; on the white side, I had three, luxuriating in splendid nursing care and quiet. Even the blood bank was separate.

I was one of 130 interns. Together with the Residents, we took all our meals in the Doctors Dinning Room. If race got brought up, the discussions turned violent. The docs were as structurally split as the hospital. Mangled mind stuff whizzed around the tables.


There are 300 million guns in the United States. 88 guns per 100 citizens. Second highest – Yemen, 54 guns per hundred citizens,

With 5% of the world’s population, Americans are home to 35-50% of civilian-owned guns.

30,000 – the number of Americans killed with guns each year.

More than 100,000 the number of people shot each year in the United States.

Americans overall are “25 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries.”

Mangled mind-stuff whizzing around.


I was raised in a Lutheran parsonage. My family boasted an unbroken string of Lutheran ministers reaching back to Martin Luther. As a child growing up in the 30s, when fellow clergy came to visit my dad, I’d hear them talk excitedly about an astronomer called Hubble and his galaxies, or about Einstein, “the smartest man who ever lived.” My dad gave talks on astronomy. Yet when it came to evolution, they all believed in Genesis. My dad remarked, “Dinosaurs are what is generally known as baloney.” Mangled mind stuff whizzing around.


My daughter married an Englishman, has dual citizenship, and lives in Milton Keynes, a city 30 miles north of London, designed and built from scratch after the last war. She is Chair of the Town Parish, elected but not salaried officials. She works 50 hours a week. Above the Town Parish comes The City Council, its members elected and salaried. Then there is The Central Government in London, Westminster and Parliament.

What she has experienced is that the Central government takes a large share of the taxes, imperiously dictates orders to every city and town in merry old England. In fact, with no constitution, the Central government carries on like King George the Third during the Revolutionary War. She understands all too well, “No taxation without representation.” The political structure is remarkably that of a monarchy. Mangled mind stuff whizzing around.

Question – What do

1. Racism

2. Guns

3. Genesis

4. Divine Right of Kings

have in common?

(to be continued)


I used to resent self-aggrandizing claims of America’s exceptionalism, our country “Set on a Hill,” a Beacon of Light to the world. Why shouldn’t we belt out “God bless America!” – our home, sweet home.

I’ve changed. I am in a state of mourning. At times, I have intimations of terror. What has shocked me out of mind is that our democracy is so fragile! I had no idea. The realization of this truth came as a complete surprise. Obviously, I had never understood, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” In only ten months, less than a single year, our political institutions have not only been undermined, but transmogrified into a burlesque show, a vehicle for entertainment and make-believe. And exploitation.

Thomas Hobbes observed, “Hell is the truth seen too late.” Belatedly, I now can recognize America was indeed something special. For 240 years! Then Poof!

The Age of Enlightenment, those glorious centuries of Reason, became a living reality not only in the POLITICAL MIND of our Founding Fathers, but in their POLITICAL WILL. They wrote a Constitution. They signed it. They took it to the States for ratification. They elected a President and Congress. They created The United States of America.

And since 1789, our country has been governed by that political document. It established The Rule of Law. It placed governance, the most vital and far-reaching of all human activity, on a foundation of reason.

What has contributed to my state of shock is that no one saw this coming. The last president wielded his high powers as prescribed in The Constitution. No scandal touched his eight years in office. Under his Presidency, the country survived financial collapse. Economic growth was steady, the future roseate with promise. Our functioning as a democracy shone indeed like a beacon of hope across the world. Life was moving right along. So what happened?


Unlike guilt, which is personal, shame is a group experience. It is extraordinarily powerful. Shame destroyed Senator Joe McCarthy. At the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954, before a vast television audience, Boston lawyer, Joe Welch, shamed McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency?”

“Overnight, McCarthy’s immense national popularity evaporated. Censured by his Senate colleagues, ostracized by his party, and ignored by the press, McCarthy died three years later, 48 years old and a broken man.”

I was reminded of that event by John Kelly’s recent press conference, where he shamelessly lied. He is Chief of Staff to the president, for whom lying is stock in trade. Unlike Joe McCarthy, Trump’s utter lack of decency does not evaporate his “national popularity.”

What is beyond belief is the Russian Connection during the Trump election campaign. That’s treason. Is there a more serious crime than that? Isn’t that the most shameful act a citizen can commit?

So when the Republicans in Congress disregard treasonous behavior – Trump is a con man, impervious to guilt or shame – what is one to make of that? Is there any evidence that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell feel ashamed of their party leader? or that they feel shame that they slap together, without attention or seriousness, legislation affecting 308 million Americans, focusing instead at keeping a few hundred politicians employed?

“Republicans, you’ve done enough. At long last, have you left no sense of decency”?


There is no experience more intense than a baseball field in crisis.

And none more so than Game Five in a tied World Series – which is exactly what baseball hurled at us in last Sunday’s five hour and 17 minute contest.

(The word, agony, comes from the Greek word, agon, meaning contest.)

Watching Game Five was utter agony. That’s baseball! A football play lasts around five seconds. Mano-a-mano between pitcher and hitter may go on five minutes. Unendurable tension. Folks often leave when watching alone on television. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Need 50,000 fanatics screaming and waving towels. Need group support!

I had thought the only perfect invention of man was the 90 feet from home plate to first base. After seeing replays at second, third and home plate, safe or out often a matter of two inches, the entire 360 feet of the base paths are as close to perfection as the flawed human race will ever manage.

Major league ball players are a wonder, a combination of Herculean
powers and The Red Shoes. Yet, despite these immense gifts, no mere mortal has to listen more carefully to the voice of reason, which counsels persistence. Baseball is a game of failure! Of the seven billion folks on the planet, not more than ten can hit the major league curve ball. A hitter has 1.2 seconds to make a judgment on a pitch coming at him 100 miles an hour. All players fail at least two out of three times at bat.

Tonight is do-or-die for the Dodgers. The first inning is the key. If Hill can get by Springer, Bregman and Altuve, we East Coast/West Coast Dodgers fans will live happily ever after.

Remember – last week the temperature was 103 degrees, favoring hitters. Tonight it’s in the 60s, favoring pitchers. That’s us.

Remember – The Baseball Gods are very jealous of their reputation. Like most gods, a sensitive bunch. Verlander has not experienced failure. The gods have been keeping score. Their product celebrates failure!


The Breakdown of Civilization

Eric Saund sent me philosopher Daniel Dennett’s book, “From Bacteria to Bach and Back.”

It has left me sick at heart, suffering from too much insight.

Dennett writes, “Our civilization has been running smoothly – with some serious disruptions – for thousands of years, growing in complexity and power. Could it break down? Yes, it could.” He points out that it is the work of vastly many individuals acting in concert. “Human cooperation is a delicate and remarkable phenomenon…quite unprecedented in the natural world. It depends on trust, a sort of almost invisible social glue.” However, he warns, “Trust is not a ‘natural instinct’ hard-wired by evolution into our brains.”

No behavior is more destructive of trust than violent projective identification. It is an artillery barrage, projecting hate. It never runs out of ammunition. In earlier blogs, I have referred to The Death Instinct, Freud’s discovery that some individuals are possessed by violent demons. He found it impossible to modify their destructiveness. Every day comes fresh evidence of Trump’s demonic behavior.

Violent projective identification is not an obscure psychiatric metaphor. It is as real as the Las Vegas gunman shooting into a crowd of 22,000 concert goers from his eyrie 30 stories high. And as real as Trump firing off endless tweets from his impregnable position in Trump Towers, such as shooting moral condemnations into the 3.4 million Puerto Ricans, ravaged by a Category Five hurricane. Or demeaning Gold Star mothers.

No leader engages with the world as relentlessly violent as Donald Trump, with the possible exception of Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Trump has over 4,000 nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-un perhaps seven.

We don’t need psychiatrists or mental health experts or learned historians to tell us what’s happening. After all, he is our president. Each of us is affected by Trump’s ACTIONS. They are unleashed by inexhaustible hatefulness and are violently directed into our innards. We are the experts in assessing Trump. We experience him every day. His piecemeal destruction of The Affordable Care Act threatens a huge impact on our lives. His appalling response to the devastated Puerto Ricans was communicated in every newspaper and TV news program. What are we to make of his lies? And like the black and terrifying skies that portend tornadoes, Trump’s cavalier attitude towards nuclear weapons leaves us naked in a world that is within his powers to destroy. In fact, he has asked, “Why have such weapons if they are not to be used?”

Dennett makes a profound observation, “We have bootstrapped ourselves into the heady altitudes of modern civilization, and our natural emotions and other instinctual responses do not always serve our new circumstances.” Let me cite three.

Why do billionaires such as the Koch brothers trash the planet in order to get richer?

Why do religious institutions fight contraception in a world that has gone from one billion inhabitants in 1830 to well over seven billion today?

We are all much more human than otherwise, yet a murderous relationship has grown between the Islamic world and that of the Christian, even though each goes back to Father Abraham.

Dennett is deeply disturbing. Prophets do that.

Appalling Irresponsibility!

Simon Levy hit the nail on the head when he observed that Trump’s “demons are infecting the psyche of our country.”

By contrast, Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, and Senator Bob Corker talk irresponsibly. Egregiously so. Tillerson calls Trump a moron. Corker describes the White House as an adult day care center. Cute. “He and Trump are playing word games?” you ask. Well, in the same interview, Corker suggests Trump’s behavior is leading to World War III. Corker is the current chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations, perhaps the most powerful position in the Senate, after that of Majority Leader. He uses his immense authority to engage in name calling. That is an an appalling irresponsibility.

How does “World War III” come trippingly off Corker’s tongue! Does Corker have any idea what he is saying? Does he recognize that the destruction of civilization is within Trump’s power. Does he think that’s a coloring book Trump is reading, the one with the mushroom clouds?

It is common knowledge that our President is unfit. That Trump is beset by demons is not news to the majority of Americans. He demonstrates this terrifying fact every day. His approval rating is 32% in one poll.

Why doesn’t Corker and his fellow Republicans invoke the 25th Amendment, passed in 1967? This Amendment reads in part,

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal
officers of the executive departments or of such other body as
Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of
the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their
written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the
powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately
assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

There is nothing in our Constitution that stands in the way of President Trump, by himself, authorizing a nuclear attack. There is a way, however, to remove a president who lacks judgment, while having unfathomable destructive powers.

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual, the psychiatric compendium of all mental disorders, has been thrown at Trump. Diagnoses rain down on him.

Demons are not mentioned in the Manual.

What is terrifying about Tillerson’s referring to Trump as a moron, or Corker’s cute metaphor about day care centers, is that they are not merely rhetorical. They are accurate descriptions of Trump’s unfitness for office.

Trump is beset by demons.